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Whiling Away

Is it a happy Monday for you? We're creeping about rather slowly around here. After a solid week of grocery shopping, cooking/baking, 3 Thanksgiving meals to attend and the gift shopping, I need another weekend to recover from my long weekend. Hubby and the kids put the tree up for me so all I had to do was unclump the ornaments and add some trimmings. All in all, the pre-lit tree from Big Lots didn't turn out so bad.

I'm going to be spinning about the house later today with various projects in my path. (photo: 12/88 Victoria Magazine. Shoes: Peter Fox) I have some sewing to do and I'm working on a giveaway too. In the meantime, let's try to slow down and enjoy a little piece of each pre-Christmas day.
I whiled away a few spare moments in the library over the weekend and came across this sweet vintage homemaking book. 110 pages of lovely old black and white illustrations. There's a link in the library to purchase from Amazon if you're interested. Books are always a tempting way to slow me down =)

I've started a list of snuggly Christmas ideas that I plan to investigate:
1) Breakfast in the barn (how to stay warm?)
2) Ballet with my daughter (theatre or school? or maybe make a home movie?)
3) Picnic sleigh ride (what if there's no snow?)
4) A pinecone treasure hunt
5) Put together a Holiday picture journal to share with my blog friends (oh my, I'd better not dilly dally!)
So our first step into this holiday is going to be finding peace! Seek Peace And Pursue It...
101) Peace that guards us
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