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Not a view in sight

This was the scene at my house last year on December 1st. Well this year there are piles of things but they aren't nearly pretty things! I just can't seem to get my sewing self moving. Today is the day!! I'm going to sit at the sewing machine if for no other reason than because the view from the sewing room window romantically spectacular!

Ok, so from this angle the windows appear so dirty that you can't see the view but, of course, they aren't really dirty =) Hmmm... it's oddly symbolic of the fact that I'm simply unable to stay focused on work!

I just need to buckle down - put my nose to the grindstone as grams would say! It's always gratifying when the job is done, right?! I read this quote the other day on my little desk calendar: When nothing seems satisfying, we may be looking for satisfaction in something other than God. It was a bit like cold water in the face for me! My holiday spirit is ca-poohy but I don't have any good reason for ca-poohy instead of fa-la-la. Perhaps my view has been inward rather than outward (here's the verse).

At the funeral that I attended last week, one of the relatives spoke of how "papa always picked Shirley to work in the fields with him because she sang while she worked." I'm not usually one to sing while I work. In fact, I'd say I do my best house cleaning when I'm angry. Though, it's very likely that we won't be able to find things after I've put them away when I'm in such a dither! Many a lost spatulas that way, I'm afraid.

There is, afterall, something snuggly comforting about a night by the fire after a busy day of servanthood.
Let's do more than our own chores! Let's turn our eyes from the monitor and turn our ear to the Christmas caroles. We CAN sing while we work if we want to (maybe not at the office, though). We can even laden ourselves with someone else's packages if we choose...
102) Your son, the king, was a servant! What's this list about?
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