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Well, I did say Sundays are a whole different kettle of fish =) And since we're talking different, I'm going to be doing something different for the next month. I feel compelled to disable the comments through the holidays - not because I don't love all your thoughts... not because there's ever been one negative comment - not because I have something controversial to discuss... Please don't take offense.

Because your words matter to me and because I look forward to what you say! I write a post and then I can't wait to see what you all thought of it. However, now is good time to be careful of what I say, to be a fisher of men, to look forward to what God says. Now, I hope I'm not setting myself up here because I don't really have the intention of writing only spiritual things - you know how I love my treasures and showing them off! (I just got a great old red door curbside - it's going to be so cool decorated for Christmas!) But I'm going to pray with intent so I can post with intent. I've put a link to my email at the very top of the blog (on the right). Please feel free to email me anytime you'd like.

So starting today and until January 1st, the comments will be disabled. I'm already looking forward to 1/1/2008!! I'll still be visiting everyone and I can't wait to do another giveaway! Hmm.. I wonder how that will work??? I'll let you know later in the week.
As we browse through the busiest shopping days of the year, trying to catch a good deal... As we remember the Christ in Christmas, trying to fish for meaning... As we cast our nets, trying to help those in need... Here's a quote to ponder: Have you ever thought about what a net is? It’s just a bunch of holes tied together. Furthermore, do you know what a hole is? It’s a “nothing.” And that’s exactly what we are— a bunch of “nothings." But if you take a bunch of nothings and tie them together, they become powerful. Here's the rest of that Church at Home.
100) That He is both a fisherman and a shepherd! What's this list about?
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