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Vintage Christmas

Find me some knee-socks! I'm as giddy as a school girl this morning. Yes, that's actually me in those hideous red socks (my sister is the peanut next to me - she's still a peanut and it's just so aggravating! I wanna be a peanut). I don't know why I thought that they really had to be pulled all the way up to the knee =) And now my daughter is so terribly picky about her socks! Funny how such a goofy thing got passed down.
The source of my giddiness? I know it's just plain silly but I'm so excited about Vintage Christmas! I published a small holiday photo book. 20 pages of my own photos and a few of my own words. It's available to order here. My printed copy isn't due to arrive until sometime next week but I just couldn't contain myself any longer! Secrets are wicked things, aren't they?! I'm just terrible at them. Ask my sister, she'll tell you... well, she'd likely tell you exactly how rotten I am - all the way to the core - so perhaps we'll not go there today. Let us leave it at this: My sister and I have a childhood full of shared memories and this is the time of year that those memories are all the sweeter! Swedish pancakes at grams house after staying up all night telling stories... Late Christmas Eve searching in the snow for more sleigh tracks...

I read this yesterday: In a short time, what is happening today will be the past you fondly remember. (Love Finds a Home). Baking and shopping and gift wrapping... volunteering... church programs... the Nutcracker Suite (performed by 7 year olds... on ice)... mitten & hat knitting... crafting items to sell or to gift... Are we making memories?
Or just making a fuss?!
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