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Christmas Candy

(all photos can be enlarge by clicking on them and you really must enlarge this first one!)
I know, couldn't you just about swoon over how gorgeous it all is?!! I wish I could claim it but this is another fabulous auction from A Bit of Paris 2U. I've said it before but looking through Alys' ebay store is like the best magainze you've ever come across. I wonder how she gets any work done with all that loveliness around her! She doesn't know that I'm telling you this but she's starting a blog! Like all of us, she's wrapped up with Christmas right now but keep an eye it because I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you that it's going to be a fav!!

I have to work on my auctions today (and shipping the last few items from the Craft Fair. Sorry it's taking so long. I really wanted to get everything out a couple days ago but the Vintage Christmas book and the kids took up all my breathing moments). I hesitate to show you a few corners of my house after Alys' showstopper, but here goes...

My cherished curtains are finally up!

Silver star garland is one of my new favorites.

I made this angel a few years ago out of an old quilt. I tried and tried to sell it but apparently it's just ugly enough for my taste - and only my taste =)

Old metal nativity that I got from a Salvation Army a number of years back but I luuuv it.

This is my favorite ornament. About 10 years ago my parents purchased it at the site of a torn down historic building. Pieces of the old ceiling were being sold as ornaments.

Bits and Pieces, little by little, this home is starting to feel done up in Christmas fashion. Tell us about your favorite holiday decorations.

I miss your comments but I know that, as Dena said, I'm being obedient. And like Kari and Kjisa said, your prayers can take the place of comments. Blessings to each of you...
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