Shoebox Nostalgia

It seems we're all saving, cutting back, using what we have...
I didn't actually save these little candle bits, even though Mr. Blessing says that I save everysinglecottonpickinthing. I just thought they were darling so I rescued them from a grandma's shoebox of "just in case" items. I don't have a shoebox like that. I'm one of those gals with the mindset of "if one is good, three is better" so I have closets of "just in case" stuff. But I'm working on decluttering ~ one room at a time this Summer. Having a graduation party to host in a couple weeks is really lighting a fire under my normally too-nostalgic-to-let-go-of-that attitude. With one room done, I'm excited to move on and get more rooms cleaned out. I'm done with the closets... done with the stacked shelves... done with the shoebox ~ Ok, maybe not the shoebox. I mean, everyone needs a "just in case" stash, right?!
What's in your shoebox?

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  1. I love old shoeboxes with STuff! The candles look great with the buttons. I save things as well. Have a good weekend!
    Cindy D

  2. love that idea of a just in case box

  3. What a cute post. I don't have a shoe box, but I certainly have a "stash"!!

  4. I'm like you - a few "just in case" stashes! Isn't it so fun though to dig back through the shoe boxes down the road? :-) Love the candles with buttons!!!

  5. celebrating one year blogging come by and attend a lottery!
    Have a nice weekend

  6. too funny! It must run in the family!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  7. I love shoeboxes filled with "just in case" pretties and other useful things ~ I do have a shoebox filled with all my grandmothers old vintage buttons and sewing bobbins, etc...several peices inside hold many precious memories, some things are handmade from her. Those kind of shoeboxes are the best! I'm wishing you a happy and relaxing weekend sis! xoxo

  8. Cute cute post! I, too, have a stash and now...I wanna put it all in a shoe box. When I was a little girl back in the 40's, my cousin and I played with paper dolls all the time. A shoe box was their home...I just wonder and wonder what ever happened to that shoe box full of my paper dolls...hmmm...

  9. What a wonderful idea! It's sort of like the junk drawer! I don't have either, actually......I just have TONS of STUFF......sort of like you. If one is good, then why not two or three???

    Blessings and smiles!

  10. I keep everything! Just my nature! I have given you a Bella Award...come by and check it out.

  11. I have one in my car even. LOL Have a great weekend...m.

  12. Gotta wonder,"just how old are those candles" :-)
    Best of luck on the decluttering. My decluttering endeavors are also done with the nagging fear that I will buy back some banished items EXCEPT for the size 10 jeans. I do know I will never get that size on my bottom again.

  13. I tend to be a nostalic saver. If it has a memory attached, into the shoebox it goes. Maybe one day I will forget and then I can ditch all of the clutter! Ha!

  14. HI Polly
    Oh yes I slipped on a small hill in the backyard--wet grass/ and thongs.. need I say more..
    Please gals don't wear this type a shoe on wet areas..
    I broke my ankle in 3 spots.. and my foot was just dangling.. it was a scary sight~!!
    I had surgery the next day and am on the mend--might be another 2-3 months before I can walk.. BOOHOO~

    You take care of yourself (:)
    big hugs,Patty

  15. Hi Polly,
    The photo of colorful candles n buttons is so pretty.
    What's in my shoebox? Bits of papers. Ephemera of words I just can't toss! Hymnal pages, and torn bits and pieces that cannot be thrown.
    Clutter; to me, is a beautiful word.
    Especially OLDE clutter. If it's new and plastic, it is better termed: junk. lol
    Have a day!


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