Laundry Sprinkler

Mom used to use one of these for ironing when I was a kid. It was a bit old fashioned even then but when the steam button on the iron broke, she showed me how to use an old soda pop bottle and a laundry sprinkler.
Today I use it for my indoor flowers.
Mom still loves iron. I love that she's a bit old fashioned.
(Here's some laundry sprinklers on ebay)


  1. Aren't they cool...I remember the one that my mother had....NOTE to self, call mom and ask her where it is.

    What lovely memories.....

  2. Oh how sweet of a memory of your mother. I have my grandmother's corked to an old FIZZ soda bottle. I'd love to use it every now and then but I would die if I accidentally broke it or something so it is just sitting on my laundry room shelf as decoration.
    Now you've inspired me to find one at a yard sale and use it for watering!!!!
    everything vintage

  3. Luv the "vintage" Laundry Sprinkler your photos are awesome.
    I just checked out the "Free Blog Banners" on your side-bar. OMG, you are a dear to offer your amazing photos for others to use. You have such a wonderful eye for photography! I especially love the keys, flowers, china and gate shots. Thank you soooooo much.
    I'm off to change my blog header :)
    Barb in Texas

  4. Homemakers were SO CLEVER back then....we are bringing clever back...great photos.


  5. I've never heard of such a thing. Your bottle is very cute though. I love the idea of using it for plants since I hate to iron!
    Happy day.

  6. Memories! I have my Mother's and she used a old Log Cabin Syrup glass cantainer to hold the water! I cherish it more than most things I have in my home! Thanks for sharing such a sweet post!


  7. What a neat item. I never heard of it before, your post.

    It is so nice that you have your


  8. Hum, I learned something new today! Thanks! Those are kinda cool! Thanks for the link! I seriously considered getting one of the cobalt blue depression glass "merry maid" sprinklers!

  9. Love laundry sprinklers! But then I love to iron too!! I iron my vintage tablecloths on an old mangle. They come out beautiful and I find it so relaxing! I'll try to post a picture of my mangle on my blog.

  10. Oh, thank you for the lovely memories! My mother used to use one of these and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. When she wasn't using it, I would get it and 'sprinkle' the flowers with it!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  11. I've never seen one of these before. It is so neat.

    I tryed to order something from your mom's site but when i went to check out the shipping was $495.00
    Maybe you could check it out for me? Thanks, Lee Laurie

  12. That is really neat..I have never seen one of those.

  13. Just stopping by to say hello. LOVE your photos, love your joy, love the sunshine.

  14. My Grandmother had one! Pretty clever invention...just use whatever bottle you had lyin around! Gotta miss the ol days! Thanks for sharing...and for the ebay link.


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