Losing Myself

Last night I saw a man that we would probably all classify as "different". He was shabbily dressed but not so much that he appeared homeless. The way his shoulders moved when he talked gave the impression that maybe he was "challenged". I stood behind him when the music started and even from several feet behind him, I could tell that he was singing along. His head swayed from left to right with the melody. The way he pumped his arms, palms up, with the emphasis of the song.... Something about him touched my heart. He was losing himself in pure adoration.


  1. Beautiful! I love this post.

    That is one of my all time favorite worship songs. It's on my MP3 player.

  2. A beautiful song and post Polly. It is so inspiring to watch someone lose themselves in their adoration and faith. Hard for so many of us to do.

    I hope you had a very blessed Mother's Day!

  3. Really appreciate this post. A Spirit of worship is felt clear across the country. Thank God for His mercy! What a good God we serve!


  4. Polly, I love that song!! My son recently turned me on to Hillsong and I've dedicated my entire blogshop music to playing nothing but their songs. We so need this!! Thanks for this post, Theresa

  5. I could listen to Hillsong all day...sometimes I do. Oh..to be more like David! Dancing and worshipping before the Lord and not caring you sees.

  6. A nice post, glad I came by to visit.

  7. I am going to have to get the guitar tab for that one-

  8. Losing yourself in adoration of the Most High God .....................
    So happy I came here tonight. Blessed my socks off. I worshipped along with you and lost my self.
    Have a beautiful night Polly.

  9. Lovely post~happy Belated Mother's Day:-)

  10. Hi, I am new to blogging and have been following your blog for a few weeks now. Love the cottage stuff!! I read the entry about when you and your husband found yourselves unemployed and the Bible verse in Psalms. I have been looking for a verse to go with my blog and Psalm 90:17 is going to be it. Thank you, your blog is a blessing to read.

  11. I have pondered this post for a day or two now, and I just love it. I love, love, love it. One of our purposes in life is to allow God's Glory to sweep us away. I think He wants that for us on a daily basis, not just on Church Day. Imagine if we do that every day. I wonder how much more joyful we would be! I really enjoyed this one sis, xo

  12. Your blog is a blessing to read...
    From Malivasverden

  13. Oh thanks he tomado algunos banner realizadoa por ti.
    I love Hillsong, Ron Kenoly, the cristian Music.
    Aleluya!!!!!!! :)


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