Reflecting & Paying Forward

I've had a difficult few days. Please forgive my complaints as I get to the blessings... Our weather has been extremely cloudy, overcast, thick humidity... and for some reason, I get migraines when the weather is like this. I have a not-well-known bladder disease and take medications daily and did not realize until yesterday that I'd run out of one of them - nearly a week ago (just before the wedding). I know, how does one not realize they've not had their medicine?? I could attempt to explain that but it would be boring. We can just leave it at this... I've not felt well and I had taken my eyes off of God's blessings... But I awoke this morning, the morning of my 2-years-away-from-my-40th birthday, and walked bleary eyed to the computer. I was greeted with an email from Penny at Lavender Hilll Studio including me in the "Nice Matters Award". What a sweet and kind and lovely thing to have been given this morning! Penny, you have blessed me! Thank you and I will happily pay it forward! I'm supposed to nominate 7 people to receive this award and since I'm still a bit under the weather (no pun intended) I'm going to think on it today and will post those tomorrow. Please click on the photo to read a little about this award.

As I was getting dressed, the reflection of our bedroom curtains in the leaded glass cabinet caught my eye and even though my head was pounding, I HAD to grab the camera. I didn't move anything, I just quickly took 2 pics of the leaded glass and one of the french doors. Pretty neat, huh? I'm so blessed to wake up in this room every morning!

I needed to stop by the store this morning so I took some pictures to show you but I used my new camera-phone so I don't know how they'll turn out and I don't know yet how to get them off the phone =) so I'll try to get those posted tomorrow. Blessings to you...


Something worth sharing...
"Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting."
-- Author Unknown

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