Cotton Candy

Squealed like a little girl - that's what I did!!! A pink package in the mail... for me! I didn't get a picture of the box before I opened it but, no kidding, even the wrapping was pink!

Peta from Pretty in Pink was my partner in the Cotton Candy Swap that Shannon set up (Paint Mine Pink). We were to send 3 things that were cotton and 3 things that were candy. This was the first swap that I've done but it was just loads of fun!! Peta pegged me right off. Pink, pink, pink - I love it all. Look at that pink enamel bowl - it will fit so perfectly in my pink kitchen!! A rosy polka dot potholder, pink bows and I adore the "Sugar Baby" ribbon!! The kids have eaten most of the candy already, but I've stashed a few away just for me!

And I'm so excited - an apron!! Now I've talked before about how I'm apron crazy but the thing is, I don't own one for myself. I make them and sell them. I buy vintage aprons and sell them. Isn't it true, gals, we rarely get to keep our precious treasures?! My daughter said, "Oooo Mommy, now you have one too." She and I love to bake (don't laugh) dog treats for our little shih tzu's. It's that dog bone shaped cookie cutter, I think.

I took everything out again this morning, made a cup of Vanilla Cream (wee bit of cocoa or coffee with a big dollop of vanilla ice cream) and just started thinking up projects! I love it, Peta! Thank you, thank you!!

One nice thing about the kids being back to school is that if I should happen upon a yard sale after they're dropped off, I get to browse all by myself! (The two youngest were still home with daddy) Isn't this the most darling pad of paper?! Somebody was day-dreaming! Shaped like an old palette. The paper is yellowed from the years but there's still quite a lot of it left on the pad. I'll probably put it on ebay tomorrow. I truly would love to keep it but I'm really trying to get through all my clutter and make this house pretty again.
I found one thing on ebay yesterday that you all may be interested in (not that I couldn't find a thousand things if I tried). A hand painted pumpkin by Memory Rose Lane. Do you think I could commission her to paint my shed??!


  1. Ooh what fab presents!! That's how I felt when I got your presents!! Polly, you just made me laugh-I have a guilty confession to make!! My middle name Jane is really spelt Jayne, but I couldn't think of anything for the Y, so I left it out!!! I'll be interested to see what you come up with!!!

  2. You are just rotten (in the sweetest way)! Ugh! -Polly

  3. Your presents are too cute! Very dainty and Victorian. Enjoy playing with your new toys!

  4. Love the stuff! The pumpkin - too cute for words. Is it real? I hope not, as it was a lot of work to paint it and I would like to talk you into giving it to me. :D

  5. Loving all the pink! Everything is fabulous...

    (email me:
    re: amazon books!)

  6. Hello there! Found you from over at Esthers. Love your new pretties and so enjoyed the shopping experience in your town. Love the blue wall and barn wall. Wayyyyy cool. cherry

  7. I love all the goodies that Peta sent to you! She is a sweetie!

  8. YAY look at your Swap goodies !!! woo Hoo, isnt Peta the best!! We have been friends for a few years now and i love her to bits. I did a swap with her not too long ago and she spoilt me too :)

    Thanks again for joining the swap Polly! Glad you had fun.

    hugs, Shann xo

  9. Love you too Shann and Barbara!
    Polly, so glad that you liked everything and I hope the candy was yummy. I am a little bit addicted to those white rabbits I sent to you :)
    Do you mind if I use one of the photos you took of the stuff I sent you on my blog? I will give you full credit, of course!
    OK, now I want to say THANK YOU for the gorgeous things you sent me! We are on a sugar rush here. Hubs loved the pixi sticks and he says they woke him up better than coffee LOL! I love the delicate shawl, the cat door stopper and the tablecloth, all in my fave colour - PINK!!! Thanks so much Polly! Hugs, Peta


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