Needles & Quilts

I cheated. I had to ask for help. Sophie Honeysuckle tagged me for the name game and I just couldn't think for myself. If you haven't heard, in this game the players must list one fact somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name (if you don't have a middle name you, lucky lucy, get to pick the name you wish you had) and then at the end of the post you also have to pick one person per letter to tag next (remember to tell them that they're tagged). I asked my family members to help me out so sit back and watch the needling that I've had to undergo:
L-Y-N-N... According to my husband it should go like this...
L - luscious (I know, gross. I asked him to be serious but he just wouldn't)
Y - yummy (again, ugh!)
N - Nerveous (ok, he got me on that one! I've always been a worrier.)
N - Nelly (because growing up my mom always accused me of acting like Nelly Olson from Little House On The Prarie) and in turn I now tell my daughter occassionally that she's acting like Angelica from Rugrats
(I promised that as I played the game, I'd show some of my quilts.) My 16 year old son said it's truthfully more like this...

L - Lunny (says you all should know that his mother gets a bit wacky after 10p.m. In my own defense, the weather man is ridiculously funny)
Y - Yappy (who knew that teenagers don't actually value their mom's opinion?!)
N - Nonsense ("No offense, mom. I'm sure when you were younger, everybody thought like you but things have changed.")
N - Noose (apparently I'm the only mom who has to know where her kid is all the time... the only mom who makes her son call when he gets to his destination... the only mom who worries all the time about driving carefully...)

This quilt hangs in my daughter's room (6 yr old) as a curtain during the cold months. Old farm house - very drafty! She says this about her mommy:

L - Loving (thank heavens I have one girl!)
Y - "clean Your room"
N - Nice (she says that as she's heading off to a birthday party...)
N - No
All three of these quilts came from a garage sale. They weren't actually for sale. In fact, they were covering the tools and lawnmower. She looked at me like I had a disease when I asked if I could buy them. $5.00!!!

My 9 year old son just squinched up his nose when I asked him to help me out with the name game. Then he said, "I was just walking by..." My 4 year old... I said to him, "Help me think of a word. 'Mommy is NNNNN___'." He said, "IT" and took off running! Well, I did say it was a game.
Who shall I tag next... Hmmm... Stop back in the a.m. and I'll have a list...


  1. I love that you have to know where your kids are. I need to know where they are and if they go somewhere else they better inform me. I think that I finally have it through their heads that it's not hone in on their fun - it's so I know they're still breathing! And I love your quilts!!

  2. I love that your family would participate in the name game! How sweet. Love the quilts.

  3. Polly Lynn :) I need my total for the pillow and an address for you!

  4. Chuckle, chuckle! And... love the quilts! Who would dare to use such treasures to cover lawn mowers!
    Love, Esther

  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog! sorry I didn't find out you posted till now!
    Your quilts are beautiful!!! And your name game sounded like it was fun at your house. :)
    my middle name is waaay too long.

  6. That was such a good idea to ask your family for help-they're the ones who know you best!! Penny-how lucky were you to find those quilts!!! That would never happen over here!!


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