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2nd post - Wednesdays are the days that I have 2 hours of near freedom. 3 of the 4 children are off at school. So yesterday my youngest son and I visited a few unique little places here in town - places to go when I need something beautiful to look at. I bribed my son with the promise of a stop at Party City (he loves those little bags of party favors... Yesterday it was mini-skateboards). These photos are of Village Green. It started out as a florist but has grown into a beautiful gift shop - in fact there are two now. I love their ribbon drawers!!

All of the vignettes are so unique. I adore how they have the side of an old shed right in the middle of the store!

And a chippy old lead glass window! This was just a partition wall but painted that Tiffany blue so I was drawn to it like a magnetic field.

This is probably my favorite florist shop though! The Treasure Shop is set right in the middle of a historic neighborhood (It was grandfathered - so as long as it remains a floral shop, it's allowed to continue doing business in a residential area. And I know that because hubby and I have considered buying it. Wouldn't it be an amazing cottage shop - with a small floral area too, of course?!)

The side entry. Off to the left is a patio area. Upstairs is currently an apartment (very, very stunning apartment) but if I ever had the place, we'd have to use both floors and the basement for shop space. I just don't know that I'm really ready for that in my life right now. Someday, perhaps...

This is a new shop to our area. Porch is a small store in a very up & coming area. The name alone is enough to draw me in! However, it's mostly garden items and bath & body stuff. Small baby section but not enough other stuff that it could really be considered a gift shop. Too expensive for me but the faux deserts were cute.

Of course, we don't have ANYTHING this scrumptious in my town! But go over to Present Past and take a look at the piece of heaven that Heather got to visit this week! Iwant that arched window frame so, so badly!!
And for an internet shopping experience that will give you sensory overload, you have to visit French Garden House. Though I hear that seeing it person is just 2die4, I could do some serious damage just at the online store!
It's nearly the weekend! Garage sales will be popping up today...


  1. Lovely pics - great places to visit! Thanks for taking us along!

  2. Ooh Polly-wish I could have visited those shops with you! The florist shop is such a beautiful building isn't it? And, I love the faux desert cakes too!!

  3. Those shops look wonderful - so pretty. Love those ribbon drawers! I've just spent the afternoon shopping with my daughters and drinking an enormous cup of tea to recover!!
    Kim x

  4. I'm counting my blessings that I found this new-to-me blog!!! We're gonna get along fine. What I have to know is...where did you find that pillow you sent Sophie Honeysuckle? Because I recently gave a tapestry that matches it to a neighbor who had an absolute fit over piece was really the pillow new? Or made from an old tapestry?

  5. Oh that looks like an awesome day of shopping!! How fun :)

    I love cinnamonstitch items on eBay! In fact I ALMOST bought those pumpkin sachets, lol

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog!


  6. Lovely photos all, but that Tiffany blue wall makes me want to re-paint something that gorgeous color!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  7. I'm loving these little shops. We have nothing like that here. We're not rural. We're definitely not the city. We are culturally stagnant. Wish I could shop there!

  8. Looks like fun! Those desserts look real.

  9. What fun unique shops you have in your town! I wish I could go on a shopping excursion with you!

  10. Let's all sneak away during October and we can visit tons and tons of barn sales together!!! =) -Polly

  11. Thank you bunches for visiting my blog !!! It looks like you have amazing places to shop ~ I love to go to places like that just to relax and browse, it is so much fun ! What RH was your kitchen in? I have to see :o)

  12. That French Garden place is gorgeous!
    Glad you liked the things I sent you and of course you can take photos of everything! I will be blogging about your parcel too when it arrives. I can't wait!

  13. What truly lovely shops! I really wnat to come shopping with you.

  14. Hi Polly-you've been tagged again...see my blog for details....


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