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Burdens Rolled Away

So a funny thing happened on the way to our vacation...
The night before we left I got an email with the word "pearl" in the regarding section. It was from John Gray, asking if I could give him a call. Yep, as in John & Robin from Magnolia Pearl! We had a good conversation - an opportunity to talk through some of my concerns about the video as well as the niggling Pearly Tears topic. I'm counting it a blessing to personally hear "think no more of it". And I'm saving my pennies to visit with them some more at Marburger this Fall!! A wonderful way to start vacation.


  1. Hi Polly ~ I hope you had a wonderful trip! How exciting that John wanted to get in touch with you. I think it's such an honor when a company you admire, wants to get a hold of YOU! I'm also glad you gotta a chance to talk about your concerns with the video and your Pearly Tears. Have a BLESSED day Polly!

  2. Hi Polly! I came for a's been a long time. I always enjoy your talent for vintage decorating. Just beautiful. cherry

  3. Ah Polly,
    Glad it all worked out. There's no way Robin and John could create such beauty by way of their products and home if they were not caring people (in my opinion). So glad everything's okay now. I know what you mean, I've saved all of the articles on Robin and John as well - they just speak to the heart and the creative eye as well. I can not wait for that book - I pre-ordered it months ago ;)

  4. Ha! Answered prayer. I have thought of it several times when I see you are posting on their blog, etc. and wondering if you'd had that comforting conversation yet :)


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