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The Watering Hole

Do you think Neighbor Bob is watering my flowers while I'm gone? Before I left I got to have a wonderful sit with him on his back patio. We talked of the rasberries, mulberries and even the grapevines - all in his yard, of course =) He grows the stuff and I take pictures of it! Even my wildflower patch would be dead if it weren't for him!

Here's a little flower girl info for you - I was doing some browsing over at flickr and found some Magnolia Pearl photos that are ever so yummy (a photo shoot, I think). And because I stumbled upon a photo of my very favorite china set while I was browsing, I found some rosylicious pics that are so beautiful they nearly make me wanna cry. Whatdaya know - it's suzanneduda and she's got a blog too! She posted about the Chippy's which, of course, sounded intriguing so I had to follow the link. Go ahead - follow the link. You'll like these gals.

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    and find yourself an award. If you already have received it consider yourself doubly blessed.


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