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Two Hands vs. His Hand

Did you see that Magnolia Pearl has a new video? We get a little glimpse of the air-stream that they will be using for the open-air shows!

I'm not sure but it kinda looks like her grandmother might be doing a palm reading which, of course, I can't promote (here's an interesting thread about palm reading). However, I think the message they are sending of the older generation inspiring the younger one is beautiful. I want to say something funny like, "Let's pretend they're just playing the hand slapping game" but this spiritual battle is indeed a battle and God takes it seriously (be sure to check the link here because it's directly from the Bible). Though He loves us and is always reaching His hand out to us, wanting a life of hope for us, His word is clear about these deceptive practices. (...I'm never going to get in John & Robin's good graces now am I? Darn - I really love her style too!) Somebody out there might be snickering at my good-graces comment but some of you know how this hurts my heart and how badly I DO want to be in their good graces. However, God's grace must set the precedent.


  1. Hello, you are entitled to your opinion and don't ever worry about what others think! God knows! And that's all that counts!!!!!

    Enjoy your day sweet gal!~

  2. It can be so hard to be in the world but not of it...I love what you said would be written in your palm. I love that your obedience shines through.


  3. Hi Polly,

    It is difficult to speak out on those things that go against the grains of our faith but I believe people can respect that, even if they feel differently. You can't offend if you are being gracious and gentle and you always are.


  4. I didn't know that passage in the Bible. Although I enjoyed the Video, I just want to keep saying "Groovy" and "Peace Out"!!! Isn't that Magnolia Pearl the BEST and such a Original beauty. Praising someone, for being who they are, like you did with this Magnolia Pearl post, and then gently and graciously standing on His promises, knowing you might offend a few, - is so beautiful to me it makes me love you as my Sis all the more. You have my respect dear one. xoxo Sher

  5. Walking in the truth is hardly ever popular but it is always right... You spoke your heart so well and even those that have a different point of view should respect that.........

    when we stand and do not compromise, the Fahter smiles........

  6. Hi Polly I just LOVE my fairy godmother shoes and the keys beautiful package!! Oh come by and pick up your blog award too!
    Denise Nantasket Beach Massachusetts

  7. You were very gracious in pointing out what you couldn't condone. You praised the good, and pointed to what God says about it.
    Thank you for being true to God's word, while still showing love to them!

  8. I can't imagine you being out of anyone's good graces. You are too sweet!
    Hope you are having a great summer!

  9. Awww Polly - you're not in anyones bad graces! I'm really enjoying your blog and FFM. I came over to invite you to the Pet Show I'm having on my blog on Thursday. It wouldn't be a party without you. Hugs, Nancy

  10. Hi All,
    I know for a fact that Robin is a very "spiritual" person who loves God! Her grandmother is a character, however, and sometimes they get very silly. Too bad the world can't have some humor --- especially with older folks! Her granny is nearly 100 and Robin just cherishes "all" the moments with her even the silliest ones. Her grandmother is a Christian I know for sure---An old one!!!!
    Cynthia T
    PS --- It's hard yo get on Robin's bad graces, as she loves people and life too much!!!!!

  11. Hi Polly,
    Thank you for sharing such a great video. Very inspirational! My girl friends and I are can't wait to read her book. We are going to her show this Fall -- even though it will be a long road trip, but worth it!
    Julie Jacobs
    Santa Fe, N.M.

  12. Hi Polly,
    just so you'll know, Robin's brother, Aubrey,
    is a "Church Of Christ" Preacher in Abilene, Texas.
    They are a very "spiritual family!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. What a great video! That car is a crack up. I doubt they take the palm reading seriously, but you have your opinion and everyone is entitled to one just as much as you are. :)

  15. Isn't it a shame that when someone shines so brightly, the world tries to dim that light with jealousy!
    Sad- but true!

    P.S. the only person we define with judgment is ourself!


  16. I completely agree Polly! That stuff is nothing to mess with...I only wish others took it as seriously. And while this post probably won't win you any points with the Magnolia Pearl least you are brave enough to stand on the truth...and that is worth its weight in gold!

  17. Coming alongside...God bless you dear.
    Pam <><

  18. John asked me to call him because he heard that I was uncomfortable with the portrayal of palm reading. We had a pleasant conversation and though the video was made in silliness, he understands my viewpoint of the appearance of those things. He assured me that Magnolia Pearl doesn't want to offend or make anyone feel uncomfortable. He encouraged me to come visit with them at Marburger this Fall and I'm excited to have the opportunity to finally meet them in person! Blessings.. Polly


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