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Couch Potato

Do you remember that sofa that I found curbside last Fall?

It's finally in the house! I'm still concocting up a plan for that wonderful old door. It's about 8 ft long. I'm thinking new counters!


  1. Hi the pillows on the sofa ! If I could only find a leather chair to match my couch...hmmmm.

  2. The sofa looks great and I love the floral cushions you've added. Linda

  3. Wow, you can really count your blessings on finding that sofa. What a wonderful treasure to find. It looks so sweet in your house. Hope you share with us your door idea. Take care, Susie H.

  4. I love that sofa Polly! Those pillows are great! Can't wait to see what the door ends up like.

  5. Loved your sofa, can't believe you just found it. What a find.

  6. Awesome!! Wishing you a great day tomorrow....

  7. The couch looks beautiful, Polly! I love the pillows and scarves:)

    New counters from the door sounds like a great idea. I saw a show once where someone had taken an old door and turned it into a huge sewing table. They padded it and covered it so that they could pin things down and iron right on it. I thought that was a neat idea too.

    Hope you have a great day!

  8. Polly,That is so beautiful. Just perfect. Love,Rachel

  9. I can't believe you found that couch on the curb! It's wonderful. You lucky dog!!

  10. Truly amazing find! I love it.......and old doors....sigh...old wood makes me swoon :-) Rosie

  11. That;s a curbside couch?! WOWOWOW! What a great find!!


  12. no way -you found this couch-im out of breath-singing and skipping love jo.

  13. omgoondess can I have that? LOL! I love it! I found my 7ft sofa at a Ronald McDonald house sale a couple of years was $50...and one of my favorite things.

  14. OK Polly, THAT's the most beautiful sofa I have ever laid eyes on!! What a find..can't believe it was FREE!! Neat how God just takes care of us, and blesses us just cuz, huh?! I love your pillows too - what a lovely, lovely setting...wish I could perch there with you sharing a cup of tea, chattering away about how COOL we think David Cook is - what an awesome musician!! Actually, boasting on the Lord together would be even better!!

    LOVE your lace post too - what a dress - just gorgeous! And I love the draped parasol...screams girly garden party to me!!

    Finally, I feel just as you do about the "famous" bloggers featured in Romantic Country - they are so gracious and open - I have enjoyed interacting with them, and being inspired by them...(I see you as one of those famous gals...and I can't believe you give little old me the time of day...:o) Blogland is so incredible! Glad to have made your acquaintance here!!

    Hugs and blessings!
    Becky S.

  15. WOW what a cool find~~ love it Polly~!!!
    and hope your cold is dwindling away(:)
    chicken soup and hold your face over a pot on the stove of steaming mist
    ~~hugs Patty


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