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Not The Typical Blog Tag!

I don't have my copy yet but rumor has it that our girl Sher, from The Antique Paperie, is in the new issue of Romantic Country! I use her tags in a lot of my photos for the website. They enhance the pictures so much! I can't even pop over to her site without buying something. I'm so hooked! The new Tuscan style tags are worthy of a frame and wall space! If you have time, stop by her blog and give her a pat on the back.


  1. Hi Polly,
    I'm on my way to check out Sher's blog. Thanks for passing it on.

    Happy night!

  2. Oh I just love Romantic Country. I will have to check out the new issue. :)


  3. I have this issue but haven't finished reading all of it. I'll look for the mentionof Sher. How exciting!

    Nice of you to give your visitors a thoughtful heads-up.

    Have a great week!

  4. Polly,
    I have been buying from Sher for weeks now!!! LOL...I too am addicted to her tags and stuff, they are gorgeous! I knew as soon as people saw the live ad in the new Romantic Country that she would be bombarded with orders and sure enough! Bed time for me, as 4:45am comes so early, but your box arrived, and I am hoping to open it before work tomorrow morning!!

  5. I just visited..loveliness...
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    Happy Monday to you my dear.


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