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Hanging on Every Word

I found a copy of the new Romantic Country yesterday and I'm taking my time, enjoying every page. Well there I was last night, watching American Idol (David Cook's version of Billie Jean rocked!), absorbing all the lovely things in my magazine, hanging on every word - when suddenly there was Penny... and Heather... and Tara... and Fifi... My husband was getting tired of hearing me say, "Hey, lookit that, it's my friend.... I know her from the blog!" Isn't it so cool that we get to talk to these gals through our blogs?! And what a great way for the magazine editors to find new artists!

I went to bed last night thinking about the wonder of it, so thrilled to be part of it all... to read their posts... check in on all their wonderful new photos... getting to know them little by little from what they write... proud that I get to talk to them and that they talk back to little ol me.

As I was drifting off to sleep I remembered that I hadn't read my Bible yesterday. Got busy, you know. Faithful to check in on all the yummy blogs but not always faithful to check in with the One who is closer than a brother. So as we blog-hop, let's remember that we won't get to know Him a little more without reading a little more...


  1. Great post Polly...I have been searching for that issue since I learned about it from Penny...I'm still looking....

  2. Polly I was the same way!
    Hubby could'nt understand why I had to search every store to find THAT magazine! I kept telling him my friends are in it!
    I am so proud of them! And I feel proud that I know them and talk to them... I feel like they are movie stars and I am star struck!

    I am glad someone else feels the way I do!

    Hugz, Dolly

  3. Love these!! You are so right about AI last night- He blew us away with Billy Jean (we are both AI addicts!!)

    kari & kijsa

  4. Ohhh --thanks for the Dabvid Cook video link! I loved how he sang Billie Jean last night. He reminds me of Bo Bice.

    Beautful post too -- you are so right!
    Hugs, Pat

  5. YES, David Cook blew the house down. That was AWESOME!

    And yes, for sure, blogging can get in the way of our Bible reading if we aren't deliberate and careful. Thanks for the gentle reminder. I too have been looking for the magazine with all of our friends, but to no avail. I am wondering if all the bloggers in Portland snatched them up already. :-(


  6. I went to bed wishing I hadn't missed David Cook on AI and wondering what he sang!!! Thanks for showing me...and it was great.
    Ditto on the blog/magazine comments are the same to my husband!

  7. thanks, polly, for the great reminder, and for being candid about the fact that it happens to you,too...i tell myself 'i am just going to look at one blog while i wait for my kettle to boil' and the next thing i know, it is time to get ready for work and my bible sits there, unread. He knows how easily distracted we all can be, but still, it is never a good idea to go charging into the day without spending time with Him first. thank you!

  8. Nice post. Love the vintage pics of those girlfriends. Yes...blogland is wonderful!

  9. I still haven't been able to find that magazine. But I had a problem finding the last issue too.


  10. Just wanted to hello! Blessings

  11. I watched American Idol for the first time this week
    and David Cook wowed me!!!

    He has videos and songs on Itunes
    He is a ROCK STAR!!


    Blogging with friends is great..but yes we must remember
    to speak with our Lord each day!!!

  12. Polly ~ I so agree with your last paragraph of this post ~ I sometimes wonder at myself when I am scrambling to catch up on my Bible study for the week, why it is so easy to keep up with reading blogs but I am behind on Bible study ~

  13. Hi Polly, Haven't see you in a while and miss you. I totally did the same thing with the latest Romantic Country issue. How cool is that we "know" all these ladies. Blogging has just totally opened up a whole new world. Have a super great week. ~ Lynn


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