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My oldest son is spending every morning this week at different coffee shops around town, reading poetry with his Literature class. Doesn't that sound wonderful?! Well... go grab your favorite flavor and let's join the beatnik crowd. Here's Penny Cafe at the Bean Scene...

(Poem translation: "Life is like a lime. Tart and tangy. Mmm. SO sublime. QUIET. Speechless. Like. A Mime. Don't you dare waste my time! 'Cause life can STOOOOPPPP! ...on a dime.")
Classic love poems lavishly illustrated with Victorian art. 96 scented pages. Printed and bound in Italy. Starting at 1 cent on Amazon!

Do you have a favorite poem?

Valentine Poem Helps:

Fill-in-the-Blank Love Poems (here)
Christian Love Poems (here).

What you won't want to miss this week: Cupcakes & Bonbons, Love Letters - Hand Writing Analysis, What's In a Name.

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  1. I've been checking out the whole Keep & share document thing you have going on, looks like a super deal! You are inspiring me to get more organized and share more resources (i've got so much stuff I never know where or how to share it, but I think you are on to something girl!)!

    Happy Day! Fun Valentiney stuff going on here!


  2. You are just a well of information that has barely been tapped into! ha ha Thanks so much for sharing all the fun sites! Have a great day! Wish I was stopping at the coffee shop myself - maybe tomorrow!

  3. I love the Beatnik scene!! How wonderful!! Hi Miss Polly!!! Huge hugs!!

  4. Hi Polly...are you tagging along for the coffee or the poetry?

  5. Coming here is like an issue of Victoria,the Bible and other great things all rolled into one...and just for me :)
    I think we saw the mug at Bittersweet :)

  6. Oh, the Beatnik scene is very chic. I have watched this movie with my son. You just can't beat Goofy:)

    My favorite poem is the classic Robert Frost, "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening." But, my favorite Love Ballad is "The Highwayman," by Alfred Noyes.


  7. There are so many poems I love that I can't choose just one! I love poetry from famous people, ones I write myself and especially ones from my kids!
    Lets all go to the coffee houses and read poetry! Wouldn't that be so much fun!


  8. Well, you cant get anymore romantic than that.. Your son sounds wonderful!
    This is my first visit and I adore everything, you are an inspiration...I love blogs with purpose...

  9. How fun...I love poetry, especially in a coffee shop, very Dobie Gillis! lol

  10. Oh I wish I could go too! I used to have a local coffee shop that did open mic poetry readings and we'd go sit and play chess and listen....bout the time I got my courage up to read some of mine they went out of business!



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