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Lettres d'amour

I think we should all send and receive letters filled with complimentary words several times a year - be it to a lover, loved one or a loving friend. Mom and I hunt all year for special little gifts that we exchanged on Valentines Day. Wouldn't you love to receive a stack of vintage love letters tied up with string or a pearly ol' brooch - no matter who it's from? Some women have a significant other who knows the perfect romantic gift for his gal. And for some, the romantic gifts that are most cherished come from a sister or close friend. This year, let's be the one with the cherished gift to give. Let's study a friend and find out what would make her heart leap.

I don't know about most of you but I crave romance everyday. Not mushy, kissy romance but beautiful, catch your breath images or words... Stories that cause me to stop and brush away the tears... A 6 year old girl pirouetting around the kitchen... Hankies piled up all pretty in grams linen drawer... A bit of lace peeking out from the hem of a skirt... Wonderment over how many uncaught kisses still float through the house, blown from little hands at bedtime... Everyday romance.

So I'm tossing out an idea or two...
Send a unique love letter from Say It With Letters. This "M" is a project that Jennifer Paganelli did using their letters and victorian sheet music. You can decorate your pre-drilled diecuts however your heart desires.

For inspiring romantic reads, Faded Rose has a blog that you won't be able to tear yourself away from! Some days a link to a lovely blog or a pretty magazine waiting on the stoop after work is just the break a friend needs.
Sometimes Valentines is a lonely reminder. Laughs are in order! Maybe it would be a good time to have a close friend over and dig out old love letters from previous relationships. If his fingers did the walking it might be fun to analyze what they wrote. Or perhaps see what your handwriting conveys about your heart's true offerings. Use this handwriting analysis.

And if you truly love someone, this is a letter you MUST pass along. The video/slide show has beautiful music and images... or you can download the pdf letter here.

(p.s. Don't forget to sign up for the Giveaway)


  1. Such a romantic post...I watched Vanity Fair last night with Reese romantic...have you seen it?!!

  2. I LOVE this post! I would be thrilled to recieve a bundle of vintage letters with a rhinestone or pearl brooch - Oh my goodness! I love Vintage anything! Alice @ Faded Rose Cottage is one of my favorite girls! She designed my Web & Blog - she is very romantic and a sweet friend. Jennifer Paganelli is fabulous! I admire her. And I must say your Blog Banner is very cool! I love that - Hey I just love everything about you girlie!
    Hugs friend - xoxo Sherri

  3. What a wonderful post.
    There is nothing like romance!

  4. Ah, romance! Love it, thanks for your inspiration!


  5. Great ideas today! Thank you! I love reading your blog, it's always the first one I go to! Looking forward to writing a letter this month! Have a great day!

  6. You ladies are just amazing... I barely have time to type out something on my blog and today all I could get was some pictures.. but yours today is soooooooooooo great.. Thanks, I so enjoyed coming here today....

  7. Nothing says you are loved more than a hand written letter! lovely.

  8. I love that letter of Andrea's! All of the links are delicious :)

  9. I think the "art" of romance has been lost somewhere and it needs to be brought back to us! Thank you so much for helping bring back the romance we all need in our lives!


  10. Lots of great links to some wonderful finds. What a fun list and nice pictures too.

    Great browsing here and I'll be back for more.

    Happy New Year!

  11. How beautiful this was to read right before bed...Your writings are like a peaceful walk in the garden...Thank you for your gracefulness and beauty...
    Sweet dreams

  12. You are so sweet!!! Who can live without romance? Not me!! Thanks for the plug ;)!!! I am going to add your blog to my blogroll right now and will come back often!!!

    Not sure if you got my email came back as "failed" ? Not sure what that was about...I have A LOT of email and technology problems though...LOL. Thanks again though!


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