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A Pondering Heart

We're due for 6" of snow this afternoon and I think I'm ok with it! I love that housebound feeling (except when it involves sick children). I'm almost excited about getting the house tidied up today. What's the matter with me?

Have you been thinking of what your favorite flea market, yard sale, jumble, estate sale find was this year? I found this old quilt the other day for $25. She had about 6 others in her booth but I couldn't convince Steve that the kids would like old quilts in pretty boxes on Christmas morning.

I've been trying to quietly read a little bit of the Christmas story each night. Flipping back and forth between Matthew and Luke. I've noticed a few details in one book that aren't in the other. Matthew gives the lineage of Jesus while Luke tells the lineage of John the Baptist. Matthew talks about the visit of the Magi and Luke, the shepherds visit. The Magi followed a star but the shepherds were directed by an angel. The Magi came bearing gifts. The shepherds came with nothing but they spread the word of His birth. After seeing the Christ child, both the Magi and shepherds worshiped. Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. There's something to be said for being still and knowing that He's God... no matter what we come to Him with.

6" of snow and ponderings in my heart...
P.S. Here's a free download...Notebook pages and verses to go with the Advent story. Matching booklets for an interactive notebook. Christmas cookie recipes.
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