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Christmas Carpetbaggers

Are you carpetbagging it for Christmas this year? My favorite place at Christmas is always home. I'm a tradional kinda gal. My parents and their adopted kids (I know! 3 of them - the ages of my children. Believe me, it was wierd for the first few years but now I think of them as family! I'll tell you the story later.)... are traveling to stay with my sister for the holidays. Initially, I was upset that they would all be gone over Christmas but now that I know we're going to celebrate Christmas with them THIS COMING WEEKEND, I don't have time to be upset (Thank you Vanessa for letting me vent)!

In order to keep my mind off of myself and my pitiful pityparty, I would like to give you Christmas carpetbaggers a little treat. Mom dropped off this cute, lightweight luggage set a few days ago that she picked up at a thrift (of course). There are four pieces (a 17"x20" suitcase, a large duffle bag, a toiletries bag and a larger make-up bag. They are black fabric and have a tapestry rose bouquet on the front) and you can have all of them! I've been wondering how I could manage a giveaway when I have my comments turned off but things worked out perfectly! I'll just pick someone from those who have left comments on the flea market find message. Call the number at the top right on my sidebar and just follow the directions on the message. Tell us your favorite 2007 thrift find. Be sure to leave a name of some kind so that I know what to call you when the winner is posted. I'll let the random number nose picker thingamagiggy decide who wins. All you have to do is leave me a message! We'll hear all the messages on Friday and I'll announce the winner then too. Maybe you can let some of the others know too so that everyone has a chance.

But if you prefer to pay for your carpetbags, check out this yummy thing! Click the photo to redirect to the site. Custom carpetbags! Oolala while you Falala!

It IS beginning to look like Christmas!
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