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Yesterday I asked my mom, "Is there ever going to be a time when I won't go from one parenting crisis to the next?" Of course, she chuckled! Why do the more-knowing find giggles where our frustrations lay? Because they know. And in the next breath she said, "Everyone likes the harvest but not many appreciate the plowing."

Father, thank you for the days struggles for in them I see you working. Thank you for difficult decisions in parenting as you are letting me be part of raising up Godly men and women. Thank you for recipes that are missing something and sewing patterns that I don't know how to read. I remember that I'm incomplete without you and I can't make anything beautiful - only you can. Thank you for my empty purse and nearly empty bank account at Christmas time. You didn't put money in that manger. But you remind me that you're able to do exceedingly abundant - above all that I can even ask... or think!

Amidst all the commercials, and even the "inspiring commercials", fill me with you! I so enjoy all the lovely treasures that I find and buy and re-create but it's really you filling me that gives me joy. I'm so humbled to be part of your family. As I sit at the table with all of my dearly beloveds... listening to "Mommy, there's so much good food it's like a hotel." and "Only 30 something days until Christmas" and listening to the song my four year old made up about "the snow falls down, down, down" (Yes, it snowed!!)... it's my honor to bow my head with these wee folks! I can't figure how your heart could handle giving up your only son. Do you really love me and my wee folks that much?! Bowing doesn't seem enough.

Everyday, every moment, every thought and gesture and flittering bit of lovlieness comes from you... even the plowing. I must remember to count these blessings... every day.
96) Your hand on my son's car yesterday
97) Your hand working in my children's lives
98) Your hand teaching me how to work
99) Your hand nailed to that tree


  1. Beautiful post! Thank you for reminding that there are worse things than having an empty bank account and purse at Christmas!

  2. i have pumpkin soup in a pumpkin too...happy thanksgiving my friend, rebecca

  3. I found your post so uplifting as I to have an empty purse this season but I have so many blessings in my life . Mary

  4. I found your post so uplifting as I to have an empty purse this season but I have so many blessings in my life . Mary

  5. Aw Polly, what a beautiful post. I know that I'm late but I hope that you had a marvelous and blessed Thanksgiving with your family.



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"Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting."
-- Author Unknown

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