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Holiday Helps

(Virtual Prom is one post down)
I'm adding Wednesday's post early because for the very first time, I have the fortune of baking and cooking with my oldest son all day Wednesday! Probably most of you gals will be cooking all day too. So, in order to make your weekend a little more relaxing (if that’s possible), here’s a few shortcuts that I’ve picked up from various blog friends and websites this week:

Black Friday Advertisements – thank you, bittersweetpunkin

USPS instructions regarding Letters to Santa

Holiday Shipping Schedules. Consumer Reports says to avoid Priority Shipping during the holidays. Read why here.

Thanksgiving 101 – All the basic recipes, How to carve a turkey, etc.

Lists of common ingredient substitutes - 'cause we always forget to buy something!

and Christmas too

Toy Recall List from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Coupons for free shipping - search by store name.

Did I forget anything? Remember to check the sidebar inspirmercials (those icons off to the left and the right) for free stuff too.


  1. Polly, What Fun! Thank You for Posting all the little Tips :)

    Loved Your Prom too, I joined Late :) But I joined,lol.


  2. Hey Polly,
    I guess i haven't really been visiting your blog for a while so here i am i really like the pictures you keep on posting up. I do like how you love all the old time photos it's really cool. Well c-ya sometime later.

  3. OH, do have a wonderfully lovely time cooking all day with your son! That is so wonderful! I am staying at my own home for the first time. I am not spending it with all the family. I need a break as I will see them all on Christmas... Ahh, the idea od relaxing.... But, I will be smelling the treats from your kitchen floating to Arizona...

  4. Wow! sounds like lots of fun!! You'll have to share pictures of your goodies you baked...Thank you for the links!

  5. LOVE the link with the substitute ingredients!! Actually I just got back from the store...I too will be baking tomorrow and I realized I didn't have a stitch of butter...not to mention the mashed potatoes on Thursday!! NO school tomorrow...too many other things to we'll just call it Home Economics instead!

  6. Polly you are always so good with sharing helpful nuggets, thank you for that. Wishing you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving holiday.

    Huge hugs,

  7. Thanks for the helpful links Polly! Especially the one about the letter to Santa, this is the first year my little one has really wanted to send one:)

    I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.


  8. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Polly! Thank you for always hooking us gals up with wonderful ideas, inspiration and links!


  9. Polly,

    Thanks for all of the links. I am going to check them out. Just wanted to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!


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