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Virtually Vintage Prom

During the first season of Gilmore Girls, there was an episode that takes place almost entirely in Loralei’s living room. In that show there are brief snippets of footage, a particular household item that changed the course of my decorating taste - forever! It’s a mannequin wearing a prom dress. From that moment on, I knew that I wanted a mannequin wearing a vintage prom dress smack in the middle of the room – any room. I didn’t care where, but I wanted it!! Every time the re-run comes on I dash for the camera in the hopes to catch that little corner of Loralei’s living room but alas, I’m always too late. It’s been a source of frustration for years.

Imagine my squealing thrill when I realized that very episode was going to be on at 4:00 yesterday afternoon!!! And today being Natasha’s virtual prom! And the cherry on top of it all? It’s actually the show where Loralei makes Rory’s dress for her school dance. Oh sweet joy! Of course, I recorded the whole show so that I have it for future reference =)

Here she is… Miss Loralei’s dress...

And here is my precious pink, rosette endowed, beloved, vintage gown. It was my mom’s dress for junior/senior prom. I posted about it here before.

This is another of her prom dresses. She says it used to be an iridescent pink but age has turned it a rather shimmery gold. In the 1960’s, according to mom, dances and proms were the big event of the school year. I think they probably still are. I sure got all weak in the knees when my son attended his first homecoming last year =)

I never had a prom but we did have a homecoming banquet. No dancing though – not allowed in the private school back then, which is especially ironic considering that I took dance for several years and my mom had done ballet for – well, forever. So this is me in 1987…

I did a little research. (I can’t help it, it’s the legal training – I can never quite shake it.) Did you know…The formal dance we now call prom was first christened “the prom” in the 1890s. The word prom is a shortened form of promenade, meaning a march of the guests at the beginning of a ball or other formal event. Check out some cool Prom History here. They even have hair and makeup tips.

Here are a few more prom dresses that you might like to drool over.

First you really must visit the Junk Gypsy Prom!

This corset dress is at the Cat’s Meow and I’d meow, or crawl or just about anything else to get my hands on that baby!

Of course the gowns in Little Women are stunning!

Be sure to stop over to Natasha’s as she has a full list of everyone participating in her Virtual Prom so you won’t miss any of the posts.

Today’s Blessing: You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy


  1. Oh Polly I love your dress! I didn't go to my prom...sadly my high school sweetheart thought they were lame so we went someplace else on prom night that was much much cooler...I don't remember where but knowing him it was probably the street races. Last year was my son's senior prom and boy did I make a big fuss over that!


  2. I love your post and your dress!! I loved the Gilmore Girls and was so sad when it went off the air!! Nice to meet another "fan"..and the things in Lorelei's house were ALL incredible. Love to know who the set designer was for that show!!
    Glad you're having fun at the party!!! My feet are killing me!! :)

  3. Oh, your dresses are sooo dreamy! I love your Mom's prom dresses! And those red boots would be perfect with my dress:)

    Isn't funny the places we find inspiration. At one time I was hooked on Charmed (yes, I know). In their kitchen, was a huge beautiful island. If I ever build a house, I will have an island just like it!

    Have a great time at the Prom!


  4. As always, you come up with some wonderful stuff!!I love that pink dress of your mother's and the red polka dots, wow! I am not ready for my prom yet, I better get on it!!

  5. Polly, What a Pretty Prom Post, I love The dress. You must stop by My Blog, as I came to the Prom too, Late as Usual ,LOL:)

    Angie :)

  6. Polly I love your mother's gowns, and how they have faded over time. they are stunning! and i think i need to get a mannequin to hold my vintage gowns too, now that you mention it! THanks for joining in, i'm updating the list now, it's taking me a little while!

  7. Beautiful gown! What a coincidence on the timing of the episode, glad you got the pic!

    Hey, sounds like we went to the same high school. We didn't have a prom either, or we didn't call it that but I refer to it that way. It was called Homecoming Banquet and there was NO DANCING allowed. Small private school. Hmmmm...

    Happy baking! Sounds wonderful!


  8. Hi Polly! So nice to meet you, I'm prom hopping!! What a pretty prom post!! Your mother's dresses are gorgeous!! Isn't this fun for those of us who had "no dancing allowed" banquets? Yep, I'm in that league as well!

  9. Nice to meet you at the prom!
    i love all your pictures...what wonderful dresses and your own 80's prom the 80's hair too!

  10. Hullo I'm here via the Virtual Prom! You are soooo lucky to have your Mum's old prom dresses, what treasures they are!!! Just beautiful! And I love your homecoming dress too, gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Hi! Nice to meet you at the prom. Finally! I thought I was the only one that never attended a prom before, but now I'm discovering that there is a whole bunch of us! I love your mothers gown. Next time I will wear those boots as my shoes are way too small.
    Cheers, LiLi

  12. The dresses are lovely and I really enjoyed your interesting post.


  13. Divine post! So enjoyed you sharing Mom's beauties, lucky you!! The prom trivia was grand! Lori

  14. You got your wish in spades! That Lorelai has the greatest taste, don't you just love the set of that show? I'll tell you a little secret, I also take decorating advice from Ms. Gilmore. I have a dollhouse just-like-hers in my living room, only I won't let Sookie or Jackson anywhere near it!!

  15. You fab in your dress!!! I graduated in 1981. I remember the proms and the fact that the guys tux always, and I mean always, matched in color to the girl's dress... those poor guys! There was some very way out colored tuxes! I LOVE your mother's dresses... cool you have it and can display it soo sweetly. Happy Thanksgiving, Polly!

  16. Love the Gilbert Girls tie in! And how lovely your dressed mannequin is! So enchanting in her pretty pink gown! And that corset dress is to die for! :)

  17. How fitting the Gilmour Girls was on! Too precious having your Mum's prom dresses. Love your wallpaper:)

  18. Polly, I LOVED this post!! I'm spending a gorgeous evening catching up on your blog posts!! I love the prom photo of you, and the pink prom dress-sigh!! And I know I've said it before but I adore your vintage wallpaper!! You have such lovely taste!xx


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