3 Minute Christmas Corner

 With all the markets that we have set up at, we have been surrounded by gorgeous Christmas displays since September.  But our home doesn't have a single bit of holiday cheer yet.  And I've never been good at Christmas decor.  Every year I really want to have beautiful decorations but I never quite pull it together in time.  So today I decided to do a 3 minute Christmas makeover on an empty little spot at the top of the stairs.  We have a huge old house that usually has more toys and school work and half finished projects on display than pretty things ("Hoarders With Glitter", as Jen Rizzo says).  But I'm determined!  It's December 1st for goodness sake. I'm not going to let all the loveliness that Christmas can be slip by! So I grabbed some Christmas-y things from a box leftover from the Hens market.  I fumbled up the stairs with an awkward armload, kicked the hotwheels out of the way and decided to give it a go.   

My tattered french chair from Anne Marie has a new spot.  I'm not sure that I'm in love with the result of my on-the-fly Christmas corner but maybe that's because it's a lone beacon of holiday cheer. So I'm challenging myself to do a 3 minute Christmas makeover each day in the hopes that I'll actually have Christmas decorations in time for Christmas!


  1. Such a lovely corner! Those wings are so pretty!!

  2. That is an awesome chair! Looks great in the corner.

  3. 3 minutes huh.....looks lovely and peaceful.....love to see what 30 minutes could produce....LOL


  4. I do miss that chair, but it looks great there Polly!!

  5. I love this 3 minute makeover and it looks terrific and original.
    I am your new follower and look forward to reading future posts
    Helen Tilston

  6. Haha! Love the Hoarders with glitter line. So true in this house!

    Are you selling at Kane this weekend?


  7. Well I for one LOVE your 3 minute Simple Christmas Makeover! I Love deconstructed furniture and Natural touches to bring the outside in... and I can't wait to see what else you do in just 3 short minutes! Had to smile at kicking the Hot Wheels out of the way... that sounds like this Old House... we're raising a couple of our G-Kids and they're playtime has taken over most of the rooms so it was quite the endeavor to banish toys from each area I was attempting to Style for Christmas! To ease the sting for them though we have done a Salvage Style Tree and the 6-year old in particular is having the time of her life seeking out the Rusty & Crusty from our property to drag inside for us to critique for Ornamentation Possibilities?! *Winks*

    Adoring your Banner BTW!!!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. Love it.. Looks Darling-The Wings are just Perfect..and love the ruggled burlap..
    Great Job

  9. What heavenly wings and a lovely spot. Awesome job for 3 minutes!!!

  10. I adore the wings on that beautiful old chair...you did good! tiff

  11. now I don't believe for one minute that you aren't good at doing Christmas because look what 3 minutes produced. It's gorgeous Polly!! Happy decorating.xo


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