Three French Hens & Black Friday Ads

We had the privilege of participating in the Three French Hens Holiday Market a few days ago.  It was such a lovely event.  Carolers wandered around Friday evening...

One vendor was selling bags of evergreen - a wonderful, Christmas-y scent greeted us right at the door.

Of course, Traci, Mark and Monica had a gorgeous display.

We had fun with Jennifer Rizzo next to us.

And I was delighted when Elizabeth Maxon bought our Salon mirror but I was even more delighted that I finally got to talk with her in person. What a beautiful lady.

I hope that you are enjoying your short work week!

Don't forget to visit French Cupboard's online Holiday Market this weekend.  You can shop 24/7!

Click HERE to preview Black Friday ads for most of the major chains.

Thank you, Father, for YOU.  Thank you for our families, our friends and our freedoms. Thank you for all the inspiration our eyes can handle here in blogland.  Thank you for the mom and pop boutiques that are braving the economy and still creating handmade gifts.  Thank you for your bounty!


  1. Everything looks so beautiful and Christmas-y and festive! Makes me want to get to decorating right away! Glad you had a good show! Happy Thanksgiving! Hugs,Leena

  2. Thanksgiving Blessing to you and your family!

  3. What lovely photos! I want to live in a town where people walk around and sing Christmas carols!! :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. So much lace and frills!!!
    Everything is so festive and yummy!!

    Love all the photos!!


  5. Thanks for the beautiful blog. I so enjoy the pictures! Chris

  6. Hi Polly!

    I have to say that my mirror looks fab in my living room. I am using it as part of my decor for Christmas. As you know, my husband is a barber, so the mirror has a special meaning as well. But I LOVE it. Your booth was so wonderful and I just loved meeting you. And your card is great....when I saw it, I tucked it away first, and then later when I met you, you gave me your card and I when I saw it, I said, "I already stole one! I just didn't realize it was you!" I am so bad with names...everyone knows that...but I loved the card so much I had one tucked away

    Thanks for the lovely comment on your post. Your photography is just so beautiful and inspiring.

    Big, big hug


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