Three French Hens Market

 This weekend Mr. Blessing and I had the opportunity to visit the Three French Hens Market in Morris, IL.  I was surprised by the large crowd of shoppers in such a quaint, historic little town.  We got to spend some time with Traci (Whimsy), Mark (Rome363 - Mark has loads of photos of the market!) and Monica (Ruby Begonias).  I can only aspire to the talent these folks have with their displays!

 We are thinking of setting up at this sale in August but I have to admit, I'm a bit intimidated.   However, the inspiration is over-taking the intimidation. I'm excited to be part of such a great event!  

So we may be packing our suitcases, loading up and hauling our wares to Morris in August.  Of course, my suitcases don't look quite so lovely as these.

 We also had the chance to visit some of the shoppes in this darling town. Of course, I had to stop by Traci's shoppe, Whimsy Decor.

 Again, gorgeous displays!  The kind of place that I'd love to stay in for hours and poke in every corner.

I spied some of my friend, Erica's, rosettes.

 And I think this might be one of Jill's slip dresses.   
Jill and Traci met at the Na-Da Farm sale.  See, it CAN pay to shop barn sales. They are great places to find vendors for your brick & mortar.   

Traci and her mom do amazing things at Whimsy Decor.  If you find yourself in the Illinois area during your Summer travels, be sure to stop by Whimsy Decor and the Three French Hens Market.  You can also shop Whimsy's Etsy shop online.


  1. Wow...everything is so pretty. Thanks for going and sharing some photos. I just might have to move there just for the market and the Whimsy shoppe ;) :) :) So cool ) :) :)

    I bought this little curio cabinet thingy at a yard sale this weekend. It cost me $3.50..and it's old..well, old to me..from the 60s/70s... it's an ugly brown color. My plan is to sand it and repaint it...with some nice soft colors...shabby it up a bit maybe? It's really neat little piece with lots of detail. It would be my first ever "redo" now I just have to buy supplies. I might even get a photo up on FAcebook so people can give me ideas.

    Have a great week. Those photos are awesome. I especially loved the rosettes. I'm partial to roses :)

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. Looks like everyone had such a good time... Wish I could have gone to this.. have great day.


  3. Love, love, love your first picture!!

  4. I can't stand it!!!
    What a fantastic place to go to. Every where you look there is something I would fall in love with.
    Thanks for sharing.


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