White Wednesday - The Highlights

 I've noticed a few blogs lately that have been giving "bullet point" highlights and since it's been so busy around here, I thought I'd give it whirl.  Though it should not be construed to mean that I will in any way be less wordy.  It's just scattered thoughts...
~The farmhouse phone lines have been playing tag with us lately.  Some days we have a land line and internet; Some days I'm using my android phone to piece together a blog post.  I finally got irritated enough to call the phone company today.  They had me test the line at the box outside.  If you can believe it, the only non-wireless phone in the house was this old rotary, grandma phone.  And it still works.  See, the oldies really were the goodies. 

 ~I think I may have black-thumbed my hydrangea bush.  Neighbor Bob is doctoring it up for me but I'm afraid all the high winds and steamy hot weather may have been the culprit (although we all know that I am my plants worst nemesis.  But in my own defense, I was gone to the Nellie's Barn Sale for a few days. I really need plants that maintain themselves!).

~I have stooped to a new level of gardening low...  I had my sweet little girl pick peonies from the neighbor's yard (A farm table just shouldn't be without fresh flowers).  Of course I asked ahead of time if it would be ok but the fact remains, my neighbor's bushes are blooming like mad and the same dirt on the other side of the fence is apparently littered with the black plague. 

~Nellie's Barn Sale was wonderful!  We had steady crowds and good sales.  It was hot - like how I would imagine the Amazon is.  But we had fun meeting new bloggers and catching up with old friends.  You can see more photos from the sale HERE.  And, NO, I did not kill that patch of grass under the arbor - It was like that when I arrived!


  1. That barn sale looked like so much fun! I love it when bloggers put up pics of antique flea markets and sales, but it can be quite a tease when they are so far from me.


  2. nice "dress" hanging in the center toots.....

  3. I love that old fashioned phone photo! You make me laugh. I'm the same kind of gardener. I also peeked at your ingenious deck. Bravo!

  4. LOVE that old phone! We have requests for them all the time at the shop!

  5. I remember that phone I just love vintage phones like what I grew up with. I bet that sale was so much fun with lots and lots of goodies.


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