White Wednesday Therapy

 Thanks so much for all your kind words and thoughts.  It is great therapy having others to chat with.  Of course, it's also great therapy to paint the child's room and find new vintage items to accessorize with! Having my oldest child move out has turned into a decorating extravaganza.  We got his room painted and realized how shabby the hall and stairwell looked so, of course, those had to be painted too.  The living room is at the bottom of the landing so we had to spruce that room up a bit.  And the sleeping porch studio is just around the corner from the living room...  
Mr. Blessing has the afternoon off today.  Maybe we can finally tackle the kitchen! 

I'm sharing some photos of the studio over at French Cupboard today if you'd like a peek.


  1. What could be lovelier than roses? Your studio is just lovely!

  2. A Mom has gotta do what a mom's gotta do! Finding a positive side for that bittersweetness...Your last part did touch my heart...it is SO hard letting them go...I had a good cry for my dd that got married in Novemeber just the other night...

  3. I love white but I am such a chicken! Afraid that it will get lost without color........ BUT maybe I will step out there and do some white!

    Happy painting..... We are going to start that soon.......

  4. Beautiful photos Happy White Wed.

    The Shabby Chick

  5. I just saw that sleeping porch!
    I want to see the whole space!!
    I looks amazing!

  6. Don't you just love how white flowers look in a silver pitcher....on of my favorites:)


  7. I LOVE those roses in the silver pitcher. SO elegant.

    Happy WW,

  8. Gorgeous!!

    Sounds like the decorating domino effect has hit your nest!


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