Kicking & Screaming

 I was a good mom last week.
Not that I don't make the effort everyday but last week there was a stand-out mom moment... 
One of my four sweet baba's officially moved out of the house last week.  
He's 20 and ready to be more independent (I think he's been saying something along those lines since he was 14 but now Mr. Blessing and I agree with him). I'm ok about him moving out (Mostly ok).  So I was a good mom while he packed and loaded up the remains of his childhood.  I didn't hang onto his leg and try to drag him back in the house. I didn't make him stop to pose for a memorializing picture while he was holding his mattress (I took pictures out the back window )...

 I didn't tell him to pull up his pants while he was carrying that basement-worthy sofa!

I did not pull out the baby pictures that night after he left.   
(WHEN did all that facial hair happen?  No, despite what my children might say, it did not happen while I was blogging!)
And I did not sit on the floor of his empty bedroom wishing for a few more years.

Ok, I sat on the floor...  And wished for a few more years.  But then I did what good moms all over blogland do - I painted the room and started decorating!


  1. Love it! I'm proud of you. It's very hard, I know, but your decorating will help you to recover more quickly!

  2. LOL. I am laughing out loud here. I am not laughing because your baby left. It's because you now have a new room to decorate. I can so relate. It's sort of bittersweet isn't it?


  3. You go mom. Make sure it isn't too redecorated just incase he misses you and moves back. Here's to many blog posts on your new decorating project.

  4. I am so heart touched by this post! I've had that particular little pang a few times now. I finally got to paint and redo with the last one. It's an excellent move. Congratulations!

  5. Love your post! I have three grown kids, and the middle one moved out first. I kind of felt like you did. Then the youngest moved out, and I was okay. Then the youngest came home with a wife, and now they have a little girl that is almost two. My oldest moved out about a year ago. When you have that much moving around, it IS always great for decorating purposes!!

    Take care, Sue

  6. Oh Polly, how great is this? Hilarious, but oh so very true! Handsome kid, and what is it about the first sofa, always a killer! I remember scrubbing down a few in my day. yuk.

  7. Hi Polly, This is the best post, I love that you were taking pictures out the back window! LOL!! You are a good mom! I also love what you're doing to the room!
    I'm a new follower to your lovely blog and look forward to visiting again.
    Wishing your son happiness in his new home!

  8. Hi Polly,
    You are a great Mom :) Have FUN painting the room...

  9. What a lovely and heart warming post Polly!! And you made me laugh as well! I can't even imagine what it will be like when my boys are ready to move out, hopefully I will be a good Mom too and not throw myself down on the floor and pitch a fit! I still have a few years to go at least.
    Have a lovely week.

  10. one and only is the SAME age! can't IMAGINE it! can't Imagine it! you did it with such grace. i hope i will be able to do the same when the day arrives!

  11. Oh you're too funny... our Son had to move back Home a couple of years ago due to the economy and his room-mates moving out of State for Work. He moved into my Studio Cottage *le sigh*... and though a Joy to have him Home again and see him more often *he'd had his own place for over 4 years*, now he'll be soon moving into his own place again and he jokes I'm practically pacing in front of the Studio anxious to get back in there and reclaim and decorate the Space! *winks* Yes... I totally understand the conflicting feelings once they leave the Nest... but as Custodial Grandparents of two of our Grandkids I'll be in my mid-70's before the last one is raised and moves out... so I get kinda excited as each young person gains independance!!! *LOL*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  12. Awww, I hope I take it that well when mine leave home (I envisioned leg holding, begging, and "the ugly cry").....the decorating does make it seem a lot more tolerable....tee hee hee!!!!!

  13. You have a great sense of humor!! Loved this post and am proud of you too!! Good luck to your son!

  14. Polly ~
    You are making me smile!!
    It is a very bittersweet time of life ~
    Both of my girls have gotten married and moved out and I have pretty much redone both of their rooms ~ They told me that I didn't even wait until they had moved but I really did :)

    hugs sweet friend,

  15. You're a great mom! I managed not to cry when my daughter moved into her dorm (well not in front of her and her roommates anyway). I even managed not to cry when my son moved away to college just this fall. But I can't guarantee anything when my baby daughter (she's 14) goes away. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'll need to be medicated.

    Oh how fast they grow up!

  16. You go, girl! However, if he's like mine.. He. Will. Be. Back. Like a bad penny, they have a way of returning. And of course we let them and want them here, but at the same time... well... um... we already redid their rooms! ;-) But finally they get on with their lives and if we've done our job or even in spite of us, they have great lives and we visit them and they visit us and all is right in the world.

  17. Oh I so remember those days.... the heart cries while we smile...... It gets better........

  18. Oh god. Can imagine how I would behave in a situation like that. I hope it is still 10 years away though. But when they leave I will do the same as you. /Therese

  19. I'm going to be right there with you in August! My fist child is going to college. I won't be as brave as you though, I will probably let her drag me across the parking lot. Carla


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