French Blue

 As we work our way through the house doing paint therapy, the living room has become a controversial color. I say that it's a grey/green (and I spent lots of time picking the exact color that I wanted so I firmly believe that I'm RIGHT!).  Steve says it's blue.  The kids say it's green.  My mom says it's French Blue.  It's called Verdigris and apparently it changes colors throughout the day with the lighting.

(This is the old terra cotta color, by the way.)

Here's a little more "french blue" for French Inspiration over at French Cupboard...

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  1. Love the French Blue, at least that's the way it looks right now to me... Absolutely beautiful and just the right hue.
    Many blessings!

  2. I say it's french blue and looks fantastic!
    Have a great day!
    XXXX Ido

  3. I quite love your French Blue. :) I love colors that reflect and change subtly with the light ~ they're all the more beautiful.

  4. Whatever color it is is beautiful! Carla

  5. I say it's BEAUTIFUL whatever colour it is...enjoy this day!


  6. I agree, it's a very pretty color.

    That sounds like some of my and my husband's discussions. We actually had a similar one a couple of weeks ago. I said something about matching paint to the marble on the back porch. He said, "that brown?" No, green. Turns out neither of us was right. But I was closer. LOL

  7. What a great cabinet...I know I should be looking at the wall color...but with all that chippy's just calling out for me to drool over it.

  8. The color is just GORGEOUS!!!! I think it's a robin's egg blue...and that cabinet against that color is amazing! I hope you are doing so good, hugs and love, Dawn

  9. I LOVE the blue green......Love it.. and that shelf/china cabinet just makes me sooooooooooooo envious in a good way...... Glad you have it and I would love to have one like it....but again...... Love the blue/green......

  10. Whatever you call it, it is a gorgeous color! Love your amazing cabinet, too!!!

  11. OMG Polly.....whatever it is...that cabinet is 2 die 4!!! French Blue is one of my favorite colors and our guest bedroom has bits of that color in it. Must blog about that sometime. I love Voila Thursday and it distresses me more people have not signed up. xoxo have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Oh those espidrilles! I love them. Where on earth did you find them?

  13. Well, I don't care WHAT you call it, it is gorgeous!


  14. Potato, Potata, Tomato, Tomata! I like it any way you slice it. . . it goes with the cabinet so well.

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  15. Lovely photos. Lovely blog. I found you and your entry at French Laundry just a few down from my burlap shade. I am your newest follower.

  16. Whatever color it is, it sure is pretty!

  17. Whatever color you call it, it is gorgeous on your wall! Just beautiful. And that cabinet is amazing too.

  18. Polly ~
    I love the color and I love
    those cute shoes !!
    Oh my goodness so very sweet ~


  19. I think it's a bluish green more blue than green. I'm loving this french blue. You really did make a good choice in the color that you picked.

  20. Wonderful colour. I like your cabinet. And the colour on the wall. We have the same in our hall :-)

  21. I like how it changes colors during the day depending on the amount of light in the room. You should keep it as long as possible because it's a great fun thing to have around when it comes to the mystery of it's true color.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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