Mad As a Hatter

I have been DYING to dress up this tattered old thing and French Cupboard's Alice Blog Party gave me the perfect opportunity!
It started with this vintage pop-up tophat that I found on ebay. Mr. Blessing was not nearly as enthusiastic as I was when I won the auction. I was envisioning all kinds of projects but he didn't quite see the potential.

I love the wrinkles and tears! And my 2Chippys necklace was the perfect adornment for this particular party.
Today it's my Mad Hatter hat. Tomorrow - who knows.
And when I found a mini tophat in a box of toys at a thrift shop, I thought I'd make one for you!
You can win it by stopping over to the French Cupboard's Alice Party and leaving a comment.
See you there...


  1. You did such a great job with it!
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. ...oh the stories that fascintating, pop up hat could tell!! I think top hats are just so romantic:) ~ and I'm simply "crushin" over yours!!HA!
    (mad I tell ya', we're allllll mad!!!!!)
    xo, Rosemary

  3. ....I was just soooo excited for all the Alice muchness, my fingers couldn't even spell fascinating right!:)

  4. love the pop top hat! and your mini one is adorable! happy alice muchness day!

  5. What a cool pop-up hat! ... and the embellishments you chose are perfect .. so full of muchness ... I adore your mini creation as well, looks just like the original. Lovely!

    happy Alice day to you ..

  6. That hat could not have found a better home. Wish I could pop back like that!
    P.S. This was such a fun idea...I've enjoyed it!

  7. Love that hat! Your wee creation and the original find from ebay! Both are really fabulous. Guess that makes you a mad hatter! ~ Angela

  8. Love the hats, the creations and the creator!
    The Red Shed

  9. Oh what a beautiful blog you have! So glad I found you through the party link! You seem to be a kindred spirit! Your top hat is gorgeous and I love how you have embellished it! I just bought one at the flea market here in Germany two weeks ago it's also quite tattered and I love it. I have two more silk top hats, one belonged to my grandpa, all three are pop ups or chapeau clacs as the french call it and I decorate them for all seasons, like Halloween and Christmas(I put it on top of the tree) or Easter as a nest. Unfortunately I just read today about the Alice party so I couldn't put a new post together this fast and I already did a long new blog post just this morning, so I linked up to an Alice tea party I had last year in June for my nephews b-day and a mad hatter blog event from Vanessa Valencia. I would have loved to make a new post and create more Alice muchness if I had only knewn about it a bit earlier and would have had a bit more time to play and create oh well, for now the old party post has to do it. Hope you'll still come and visit me!
    Have a fun party time!
    Warmest wishes

  10. Polly, what wonders you did for that old hat! I sooo adore it now!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  11. I love that hat!!!! Gosh you had some wonderful goodies, always something interesting to see!!!! I wish I had watched the dates better, I missed joining in the fun.......I will have to check out everyone else's blogs!!!
    Margaret B

  12. Hi Polly I am sooooo hearting that old hat....I bet it has an amazing history...thanks so much for asking me to host this party.....having a blast!!
    gypsy hugs

  13. Loved this post...and always love my stops here....Have 2 great giveaways that I am drawing for on Sunday night

  14. Both versions of the hat are just gorgeous!!

  15. Oh I love your top hats and I don't think I have ever seen a pop up top hat.....really a good purchase and so perfect for today!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Kiss Noises Linda

  16. Oh I love your top hats and I don't think I have ever seen a pop up top hat.....really a good purchase and so perfect for today!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Kiss Noises Linda

  17. Oh my gosh ,what a find. Don't think I've ever seen a pop up hat! Love it!

  18. I so wanted to participate in this madness, but just couldn't make it happen . . . but I'm so excited be see all the wonderful ideas linked up to Beth's party. Love your top hat! I've got my fingers, toes, and eye all crossed that I might be one of the lucky winners. Your top hat contribution is awesome!
    I'm thrilled to discover your blog. I'll be back for more visits.

  19. Polly, I just posted the date about my blog party, it's on my side bar, if you to check it out. Have a great week, Theresa

  20. Just came across your blog!! I love your blog name and all the lovely pictures of your "Works of Art" cannot wait to come back to visit!

  21. your blog is one my fav's right now, i love your inspiration- I Love that Top hat, i would of bought it too, .. Christmas-Halloween- a Tea Party, or even Easter- So much you can use it for.. LOVE IT!!


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