We have the first of many family Christmas gatherings this weekend (you can read about last years country gathering here). So between now and then, I'm squeezing in some precious moments of creating. I've been drawing some insiration from the holiday issue of Jeanne d'Arc Magazine

These ornaments are super easy. They are just ripped book pages from a book that I picked up out of a free box during Summer garage sales.

And some candles wrapped in sheet music and tied with hemp string. Have a I mentioned that I'm allergic to hemp string? I love the rustic look of it so I have to wash my hands between each candle. Some girls suffer for the sake of fashion with their diets, etc. I get hives over a basket of candles. That's not wierd. ...Right?

Vintage Christmas Monday at Anything Goes Here.


  1. What a great new 'vintage' twist on the Christmas balls .... I may be adding some of those to my tree asap!

    Thanks for sharing Polly ... enjoy your time with family this weekend.


  2. That is my most favorite magazine ~ it is soooo inspiring! Loving these ornaments! Thanks for showing us how you were inspired!

  3. I love that magazine!
    I am totally amazed at how they make the most simple, everyday things look elegant and refined.
    Each room looks so comfortable.

    These paper page balls are adorable!
    Sorry to hear your allergic to hemp!
    I have an apron made from the fabric that I just love...I you...I would wear it or use it too...I do love how it looks!
    Have a wonderful evening...donna

  4. Awesome look with the vintage sheet music!

    Have a wonderful holiday season. ~Natalie

  5. beautiful ornaments Polly. You always create amazing beauty.
    Yep, I get hives and my face swells when I touch wool. I was working with burlap for the first time recently and the same reaction happened. Such a bummer.

  6. Happy birthday to you too!! I know what you mean about it not feeling like a big deal, but it is.....when you are 50 even you feel like it is a big deal. Sort of like you want to celebrate, and run and hide at a luxurious hotel at the same time. I don't feel 50, but I am grateful for God's blessings in my life and I truly feel like I am stronger and wiser.....with still a lot to learn.

    Warm Wishes,
    Karen Eileen

  7. Is that a new banner? Love it, so rich, shabby and all things crusty wonderful.

    Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

  8. I'm just getting lost in your gorgeous blog! Everything is so inspiring!

  9. Love the baubles covered in book pages.

  10. Hello Polly! Thanks for your visit! I like your blog so much!!! Beautiful Xmas ornaments!!!
    Happy Advent time!
    Till the next!

  11. I love Jeanne d'Arc - your creations came out beautifully!

    This is my first visit to your blog - it's gorgeous. I'm your newest "Follower"!


  12. there you are...I'm deep into my archives looking for "lost" faces...back onto my favorites you go!

    let's chat


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