Thought I'd show you a bit of blizzard country *smiles*
Remember the decorated dead tree?
We passed by it earlier today so I had to get a quick picture to share (Yes, I take a camera everywhere - my family is used to hearing "Wait, turn around..."). I wish I would've seen it before the snow but it's a delightfully curious thing just sitting there at that busy corner.
How did the storm effect your area?


  1. ...there's just something serene about a blanket of snow!

  2. Polly, no snow in my area today, but it did snow the other day, you know so rare for Texas or at least in my area. The snow is really pretty! Hope you are by the fire with a hot drink next to you!

  3. It's just cold here. No pretty snow to make the chill worthwhile. I would have loved to have seen that tree, too! It is in an odd place.
    BTW...Have I ever told you I love the quote in the comment section? Consider yourself told!

  4. Amazing pictures. I am hoping for a white Christmas here. With such a wet season we have had, the chances look good.
    Blessings, Gerri

  5. Isn't the first couple of snows beautiful? My sister sent a couple of pics from Wisconsin in the Nicolet National Forest. I miss the winter wonderland of it, since we live in the southwest. Beautiful post!
    Robin's Egg Blues

  6. Hi Polly, Oh, how I wish it would snow like that in NJ...it's always hit or miss, could be rain could be snow....weather guys can't even seem to call it...that makes for a pleasant surprise when it finally does....
    {{gypsy hugs}}
    PS you're all signed up for Silver Sunday. Don't forget to snag your button......

  7. OHH, I just want to be there Polly! Love the beautiful white Christmas...


  8. No snow here.......bummer...... Your pictures are beautiful! I need to learn to take my camera with me... I have missed a lot of pictures..

    Merry Christmas my friend..

  9. No snow for me here in Idaho,which is a shocker since we got 6" in October, but the arctic air has brought with it very cold temps. It was -3 this morning.
    And oh my yes...home schooled children should get a snow day! lol

  10. So pretty!! Just cold here, no snow. Stay warm ~ Angela

  11. We received 12 inches of snow...and it's only 1 degree right now...BRRRR. I love the dead tree...so wonderful how it's been given a second life.

  12. Oh it's so beautiful! I wish we would get snow... We live in Northern California so snow is something most of us have never seen at our homes. It's just gorgeous and so Christmasy:)

  13. Polly ~ Ohhh the snow looks so very pretty ! Perfect for Christmas ~


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