Day In The Village

Our homeschool co-op had a field trip yesterday to visit local homes and stores from the 1800's that have been preserved. I got lots of pictures that you'll have fun looking at. They're over at flickr if you want to see.

In the meantime, all the cakes and cake fillings from that old recipe book are available if you would like them. They will enlarge nice and big so you can read them from your screen or print them if you want. We'll get the next section on there soon. Won't it be fun to try some of them out for the holidays?! Ok, so I've mentioned before that I'm not a great cook =) I'll have fun reading through them and you can have fun making them. You can mail me a sample. Do ya think "burnt sugar cake" would get damaged in the mail?

P.S. Yes, the Friday Flea Market is open on Halloween =)


  1. I remember taking my girls to our local historic village, dressed in the pioneer dresses made for my sister and I by my grandmother, for a day in a one room schoolhouse. What fun that was! I miss those days so much. I'm glad you are still enjoying them:>)

  2. That sounds like fun, much better than some of the "weddings, etc." some kids are being "field tripped" to lately, chickee!! I applaud homeschoolers!

  3. Those canisters are wonderful! I'll bet you went a'ebayin' after you saw those!
    Those recipes are a fun touch :)

  4. Hi Polly
    Oh what a fun day trip.. vintage homes and the recipies look delish thanks for sharing..hugs, Patty


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