Fall Where They May

Thought I'd share some autumn pics. I took the top one somewhere in TX but I don't recall the vendor.
This is an untouched vignette out the back door. I let the leaves lay where they fell.

Ignore the double chins and just tell me that you love this skirt as much as I do. ;)

Another one of super-mom's gargarge sale deals!


  1. Oh dear Polly, I think you are too hard on yourself! You are beautiful! And so is the skirt:>)

  2. You are too cute - love the skirt! Thanks for the info about the fabric donation. I am going to box up some fabrics and ship them off to this great cause.

  3. That is a lovely picture of you!

    Your outfit is feminine and comfortable looking....

  4. Polly I love that skirt, and the jacket and the vest....You look Mavelous....Lauri @ chippys

  5. The untouched vignette is precious Polly, as is the adorable skirt!!

    BTW, there is not a double chin in site~ You look lovely :-)


  6. I just found your blog and what a beautiful site! You have such a great eye and your photos are gorgeous!! and I adore that pink stove! and the gorgeous green roaster too! stop by when you get a chance, Thanks for sharing such pretties!

    ~ Cynthia ~

  7. ooh my girl that is soooo fab...you look sooo cute...what a treasure of a find...dear sweet mama...can you pass her over to me for a while...i hope you wore that at round top...the gypsy's would be sooooo junkin' with envy!!! cat

  8. It's been a long time since I came by, don't know why. I've been catching up on your blog.

    The old ledger and the hand written recipe book are wonderful.

    The natural Vignette are really pretty, nature doesn't need our help.

    I'll be back.


  9. No no........ if you want to see double chin.......... take a look in my picture album in my computer....... oops...... you cannot get to my picture album! hahahah Love the skirt !

  10. That outfit is very pretty! I love the skirt. I'm glad to see a picture of you so that I can put a face to your blog. You are very pretty. I pictured in my mind that you would look like this.
    Lee Laurie

  11. Yes, I do love it!! You are braver than I am to wear it:)

    I also love the post of the umbrella with special times with your girl! Good for you.

  12. Hi Polly,

    I love that skirt and I love that picture of you! :)



  13. No double chin! I love the outfit and the girl! Magnolia Polly!

  14. How pretty! I do ♥Love♥ your skirt :)

  15. Polly,
    I love this photo of you and that whole outfit is gorgeous too! Hmm, you could model on someone's website easily.


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