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You'd think that by time I got to 500 posts, I'd be more eloquent... more versed on topics of interest... that I'd be closer to reaching those 1000 blessings! You might even think that my timing would be better, but truly I didn't even know this would be my 500th post until last night. So I thought I'd do something fun... You know my mom, Shabby Shoppe, really isn't into computers (I do her FFM posts for her and handle her email) and she's been dying to see all the pictures from Marburger. Remember, 200 photos (or something like that). Well, I put all the photos into a magazine for her (one of the benefits of having a magazine, right?!). Made the pictures nice and clear for her... Fun for her to show to my aunts, etc. --Ok, so since it's my 500th post all of a sudden...=) I fancied up the magazine real quick and made a "Special Reserved Issue" of PORCH available for my blog friends only, to celebrate 500 posts.

It's 60 pages of all photos - no text! All Round Top!! You have been some of the sweetest friends I've known! Friends to laugh, cry & pray with. I couldn't take you all with me to Round Top (wouldn't THAT have been fun?!!) but I'd love to share some of the flea marketing scenery with you! The cost is $12 (I really, really wish I could send you each a free copy!) - That's the actual printing cost - just so you know that I'm not making a profit =) It's available by invitation only so if you would like to purchase a copy please contact me ( ) with your email address and I will be more than thrilled to direct you to the site! Believe me, it's a perfectly scrumptious mate on a cool Autumn night!


  1. How sweet you are that you help your mum and bless her in such a way. God bless your creativity and may He infuse you with supernatural energy and FAVOR.

    Sending a hug...I love your blog.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  2. Looks absolutely fantastic!!!!!

    Hope you enjoy your day!

  3. Hi Polly,
    What a nice thing to do for your mom.

    You know how much I want to go to Marburger and this sounds the next best thing to me. I'm on my way to drop you a line. 60 pages of Marburger? I'm there!

  4. Okay, I did it again - Marburger on the brain. Congratulations on 500!!
    xo~Tracie ;)

  5. Yessss..I want one of the 'special Antique week' photo books..loved the first PORCH Magazine..when can we order another ?? Count me in..
    I also went to Warrenton for the first time..whewwww..loved it..planning next trip already..deb

  6. Oh this looks like fun!

    I am celebrating my 100th post by giving away a dressing table. Come take a peek.

  7. Polly,
    I have been scrolling down through your posts and trying not to drool on my computer keys! The photos are stunning! Congrats on your 500th post and what a sweetie for helping out your mom with all things technical. Blessings on your future blogging and on your magazine!

  8. WOW this book looks like a winner too Polly ~!!
    Great job..big hugs, Patty

  9. What a nice gift for your mom! Moms just love gifts that have that much love and thought put into it!

  10. Hi Polly :)
    Congrat's on your 500th post WOW..
    I hope you post about the baby shoes that you "DO" as I would love to see what you do with are the talented one :)
    I'm coming up on my 100th post. Who knew time would go so fast.

  11. Hurray for your 500th post!!
    I always enjoy visiting!
    Hey... I'm gonna be emailing you..
    I'm such a dork.. been out of the loop for a bit!
    Hope ur having a wonderful week soo far.

  12. Hey there sweets
    your so dang cute.
    happy 5ooth post.
    you always make me smile!!!

  13. Hi Polly!

    Wow!! 500 Posts, CONGRATULATIONS! What a beautiful post! The book sounds just fabulous!!


  14. Hi! Do you still have the Porch magazine from Round Top, Texas issue? If so, please let me know. Thanks!
    Susie of The Polka Dot Rose


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