Apple Meringue

Check out this old handwritten cookbook. Again, one of mom's great finds. She's my garage sale hero. I was thinking that I'd put the recipes in a file on the sidebar so we can all try them out. It's a hoot reading some of the instructions -"add butter the size of an egg". If you think you might use them, I'll work on getting them in a digital format. Let me know what you think. Here's a couple that sounded good for an Autumn Tuesday Treat (just click to enlarge):

Carmel Pudding & Apple Meringue

Carmel Ice Cream


  1. This cookbook sounds like it has some delicious recipes in it. Does it have a date in it?

  2. Apple Meringue? That sounds great! I want to try that!

  3. What a wonderful cookbook! You wonder how something like that leaves the family.

  4. What a treasure! Those sound good too.

  5. wow, she's my garage sale hero too!!! hahahha! Boy, I wish I could get lucky like that!

  6. I'm with does something this precious get sold in a garage sale???
    I couldn't get the photos to enlarge but it's probably my goofy computer that is on it's LAST leg...
    love, bj

  7. What a treasure Polly! I have my Grandma's very old hand written cookbook and I just love it!
    Carol Anne

  8. Hi Polly,
    Thank you for your prayers. Husband is doing well and I'm thanking God for answered prayer.I want you to have the Perfect Blend of Friendship Award...with no rules,if you want the rules go to Somewhere In Time blog..( bad me)
    because you are my Friend.:)
    The recipe sounds yummy.

  9. Polly,
    I decided to make my own Friendship please come and get it as you are my Friend.
    Deb :)

  10. Caramel ice cream sounds delicious. I'm going to have to dig out my ice cream freezer.


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