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Ok my little vintage homemakers, there's something I must share! I first saw this over the weekend at Brocante Home but it's so interesting that I just had to pass it along.

Have you seen this? A reality tv program (not in the US yet) depicting the real-life lives of 3 couples living today just as it was in the 1950's, 1940's and 1930's. A different couple for each decade. Although I don't think that I could do it myself, it's really interesting! Check out the video clip below... and there's a news article here too with some cute photos.


  1. I think I am counting my blessings that I have moved along through the decades without getting stuck.......lol.
    There is a time for....

  2. WOW! Not sure what to make of that one! :) They have all pulled off the period dress/decorating amazingly, and I have to agree that being a homemaker is a wonderful thing. However, it seems as though it's not a love of taking care of home and family, or even fun with period decor that's driving them to do this, but an underlying fear. We'd all love to believe things were hunky-dory during those years, but realistically they weren't. It's sad that fear is the real reason they are making those choices. Fun and love would have been much better reasons.

    Thanks for sharing this with us though, super cool visuals & thought provoking! :)

  3. Hello,

    Love this post! I can really relate to what she says about wanting to retreat from our modern & often overwhelming way of life. Frankly, I rarely even watch the news as it is almost always so horribly grim. Thanks so much for sharing.


  4. I always think it fascinating when two people with the same passions find each other. How wonderful that they enjoy their compatible lives!

    I would not want to live their lives, but I would absolutely love to watch this show! The 50's lady in the video seems charming.

  5. Hi
    I LOVED this!!! I watched it twice with a big smile on my face and excitement! To me, this is awesome! I love everything about it. And of course I would, being that I am a "housewife' hahaa though I prefer to say "help meet or keeper of home".
    Someone made the comment that maybe it is fear thats making this woman live this way. But I disagree as I find myself a lot like this women in the clip. Its not about fear at all. Its about choice. I chose to stay at home for many reasons that works for our family so I could totally relate to the lady in the clip :) I loved it! I think we need more women like this lady personally! LOL Just awesome!

    Candy :)
    would it be alright it I posted this clip on my blog with a link to your blog?

  6. Love it! I think that would be so much fun!!

  7. I would love to watch this show! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hello Polly, I am Kathi. I came over from Candy's blog. Thank you for sharing this video. It's quite interesting. I agree with Stacey's comment about there seeming to be underlying fear of the ugly things of this world. I was that way for years. I think that is why I began home-schooling; Out of Fear. That is not good. I have learned to take that fear to the Lord and trust Him, that He will never leave me. I love being a home-maker, and I want to do it of the joy in my heart, and willing to serve my family. I love your blog. I will be back for more visits. Kathi

  9. Oh, is she a doll or what!? Love that kitchen. I would SO love to do that.
    I'm glad that my job is VERY part time, and I'm able to do a lot of things at home.
    She reminded me of Nicole Kidman. I think Nicole looks better with darker red hair like that instead of the blonde... ah, getting off subject, lol!

    I adore her green striped sweater.

    I hope you don't mind, but I too want to post a link to this on my blog.... along with a link to how to do your hair like hers.

  10. The bright colors are fun, aren't they? I'd have to do all this in sock feet I think...

  11. How much fun! I would so watch this show if it came to the US... Nikki at the scarlett rose garden looks just like this gal...
    Too cute!!

    Your blog is very fun... I will check it out again!

  12. P.S. I did know that about Julia Child.... :)

  13. I LOVE the video! Joanne and I have the same mindset! I love being a homemaker, wearing my vintage aprons, etc...Just like Doris Day! She is SO right that this lifestyle makes for a successful marriage! I love staying home to take care of my wonderful hubby and kids! Thanks for sharing!

  14. It's obviously a British programe but I haven't seen it. Love the decor and she seems happy doing the housewife bit, not for me though....Hugs Chrissy x


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