Falling Flowers

Have you ever planted fake flowers? "fleurs fausses" - Makes it sounds less tacky, doesn't it?! Mom's got two fabulous chippy old urns out front but they always have fake flowers in them. Even in the dead of Winter. She knows it's silly but she likes thems. Of course, I know it's tacky but (please don't tell anyone) once upon a time I planted a fake garden of pansies in an area where I couldn't get anything to grow. But that was before Neighbor Bob!
Mind you, he fiddles with it for 2 minutes and it'll flourish, but if I dote on it - I kill it. Nonetheless, I have real flowers!

211) Flowers that fall... What's this list about?)


  1. Polly! What a pretty urn! I got nothing against poted fake flowers. I actually have them here at home too! It is silly, but the sun kills all my plants and these are the only ones that "survive". xo Vanessa

  2. Polly...

    Thanks for your visit this morning and the prayers.


  3. Okay, I'll own up to it!! Yes, I had a bunch in a north facing planter once in our old house. The neighbor kids would come and pull them out! I wasn't too thrilled about it, but sometimes they'd take them and put them in pots in the BACK yard - south - and I'd tell hubs they were "transplanted"! Now I'll admit that I still have 2 concrete urns on our front porch with faux hydrangeas!!!! How I came to get those urns is a blog post for later this week! ;-)


  4. "fleurs fausses" ~ I like that!! My mom had a neighbor that put up fake flowers on his porch, and she thought it was so tacky ..... but, from the street, it looked kind of nice and you couldn't tell they were "fleurs fausses"!

  5. Hi Polly, I see them around the neighborhood :) I'm thinking some of them really need to be REPLACED.
    I wonder if they are "older" folks who can't work in their gardens. It's interesting to see them in the dead of winter here :) Take care. Warmly, Deb

  6. Hi Polly,

    I think that is a wonderful idea! I've been so busy this summer and that would sure solve my watering issues! LOL!


  7. Believe me, I have seriously thought about arranging some faux in my window boxes. Would that be better than their current state........empty?

  8. There's ALWAYS a lovely bed of bright red geraniums in my neighbor's yard...I must admit it's nice to see a splash of color peeking vibrantly through the snow!!

    ...the word of God stands forever."
    Amen to that!

  9. Actually those fake flowers look pretty nice, though I must admit normally I don't like too many fake ones in outside arrangements. This is only because they look fake. If they are nice ones and you can hardly tell, then what the heck!

    Kindredly, Lynne Laura


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