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Sunday afternoon I found myself standing in front of my ex-husband in the middle of my driveway and thanking him! He had called the day before to say that he was going to drop off some NY Giants stuff for Noah, so he could celebrate the Super Bowl in style (Noah’s a huge Giants fan). He said, "Don’t worry about making dinner. I’ll bring dinner over." Yes, I’m still shaking the cobwebs out of my head from that one! And he didn’t just bring dinner, he brought enough snacks to feed an army, plates, napkins, cups, serving trays shaped like footballs, cases of soda, and gift bags for all of my kids... filled with candy and little toys. Then he drove off. Said he had a few people coming over to watch the game at his house.

We don’t even celebrate the kids birthdays with so much party stuff and junk food!! (We can’t possibly afford huge birthday parties for each one of them.) On both sides of the family, there are tons of kids so we don’t even attempt to have birthday parties anymore. Steve and I give gifts and have a small party at home for them or we’ll go out for dinner, etc.

I watched as my little ones dug into their bags like it was Christmas... as they invited their neighbor friends over to see all the snacks and eat with us... "Oh my gosh, mom, there’s little footballs on key chains!" One has gum and one has "minty marshmallow looking things". Can you believe it - I was proud that those precious little ones were so thrilled... because they hadn’t been spoiled with that stuff everyday. Can you believe it - I nearly cried several times that night from gratitude... they were so happy and I couldn’t have (and probably wouldn’t have even if I could have) given them all those candies and trinkets and snacks and hoopla. They had so much fun that even Tuesday afternoon I overheard them at the table with their Fisher Price people "playing Super Bowl"!

My gracious husband accepted it all, though skeptical, with sincere gratitude. He suspects there will be some wicked act to follow (because there usually is). And there very well may be, but I’ve been learning lately, about the difficult areas in life, to be thankful for what I can be thankful for and to be prayerful for the things I cannot. "And so today, Father, in a most surprising twist and for the first time in many, many years... thank you for my ex-husband. Please bless him for bringing such joy to my children." (O LORD Almighty, God of Israel, you have revealed this to your servant, saying, 'I will build a house for you.' So your servant has found courage to offer you this prayer.)

And now I’m off to write a thank-you note that I certainly don’t have the words for!!

(gratitute rocks via ebay seller chicinnovations)


  1. Where DID you get those cute little rocks????????? haha they are just toooooo cute..........

  2. What a great post Polly! You just never know do you?

  3. My Dear Polly,
    As much of a surprise this turn of events were, We know that God is alive and well. He may be working in the life of your ex husband to show him the error of his ways. You sweet husband will recieve many blessings for being so understanding and standing with you. The words for the note as you know will come to you with our Lord's help. I pray that God will send angels to surround all of you and help with this in the days to come. My blessings to you and your family....My Love...Mary

  4. I think that's fabulous Polly. I grew up in a divorced home and would have given anything to have even one moment where my parents got along...eventually I did have that moment...and it was priceless...and since then...I have even had a few more! God can bring good from all things for sure!

    I see you sold some more things on your site...congrats on a fabulous grand opening!!!! I know you will do well!

  5. What a really cool story! I love your blog. I'll be back.

  6. It's amazing when we have faith and how it grows and all of our prayers that we send to heaven are answered in HIS timing! You are a good an faithful servent...He love you so much!
    Warmest Blessings,
    Amy :)

  7. People, even the ones we think we know pretty well, can really surprise us sometimes. It was nice for your kids to have a special "Super Bowl Day." But wasn't it especially good that your husband was gracious about it all.

  8. Polly, that is a beautiful example of offering up praise to God. God's motives are always pure whether someone else's are or not, and in that you can enjoy His glory.

  9. How wonderful Polly. And your heart of gratitude is a beautiful reflection of Christ's love. I like what you wrote, "to be thankful for what I can be thankful for and prayerful for the things I cannot." We should all live this way.

    PS. I did a little advertizing of your new blogshop on my blog.

  10. That is wonderful, Polly! Always good to be grateful for these moments.

    I love your new shop! I was browsing for quite some time! Heavenly! I am sure I will be making a purchase at some point, Decisions decisions! One of everything? LOL! Congratulations to you. Your hard work and dedication is not only glorifying the Lord but it is blessings others in the process.


  11. Thats wonderful Polly...I loved your post today.

  12. Great post, Polly!

    By the way, please stop by my blog...I'm having a Pampered Package Giveaway!


  13. Your blog is gorgeous!! I will be back often! thanks for a great visit!

  14. What a wonderful post. God seems to be touching hearts!!


    LOVE your blog!!!!!

  15. ps
    I added you to my
    Bonds of Friendship

    You're sweet!!

  16. what do I need to do to get you to make me a button... I would love something that goes along with my colors / themes but mixes your style...
    with my Little Red hearts or Living the Supernatural...

    I love your stuff... it's awesome...


  17. I am so glad that you had such a pleasant experience with the ex husband,,, I have one of those and I raised both my boys alone with no help from him at all.. It would have been wonderful for them to have had that type of relationship.. I know that I would have appreciated it.. The boys are now 38 and 42..The older son has a good relationship with his father but the 38 year old is a bit lukewarm.. It is a shame really but

  18. I am so thankful for the Good Lord tonight! Have you ever heard of the 'Exchanged life' about Hudson Taylor...anyway..The Good Lord showed that His Grace is sufficient for you and your sweet husband! All you had to do was just be....Thank you so much for sharing your story, it just affirms my faith that the Lord can move those mountains for us!!
    Hope you guys are stayin' warm! =)

  19. Oh wow!!
    Well I'll be praying that your ex stays this way... and maybe that is what God is doing, changing him forever. Won't that be sweet?

  20. Great post! The ex's can surprise us when we least expect it! I saw my ex for the first time in 10 years this past summer. We had dinner (with our adult children) and talked and laughed and didn't have one harsh word to say! Amazed me, I can tell you! I'm glad things worked out as they did for you and the kids...and if some wicked act follows...well, then will be the time to deal with it! Take care!


  21. Ex's can be hard to deal with and some times surprize you. The are fickle! I will pray for him, and that this came from the right place, and not of wickedness. I'm sure it was very touching to see the kids so happy, I know it is with my crew.
    Love Erin~

  22. I love your statement:but I’ve been learning lately, about the difficult areas in life, to be thankful for what I can be thankful for and to be prayerful for the things I cannot.

    That is something to live by and I truly hope nothing comes back to bite you!

  23. Polly - this is true, this post today made me tear up. You have been so open and raw with the Ex stuff. Having a nasty Ex myself, I have felt your feelings. I have felt this feeling today to with you. Love, Esther


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