Wallpapering Pringles Cans

I just read that La Maison Rustique has a new blog! I've been a bit AWOL lately with all the website stuff so you probably knew all about this fantastic announcement a week ago and I've no one to blame but me. I'll try to catch up with everybody over the next few days. I have so many things to get listed but it's the silly jobs that just eat up my time! You know, like parenting and homeschool =)

Here's a few things we worked on yesterday...
It was a snowday... the kids ate a lot... we had empty cans... And now they will be filled with trinkets and toys because Miah has taken them over. She has more collections than... well... me!

Platter, Pink Wedgewood and cherry plate go to the website. The notions... all mine!

Mom came home from her weekend up north and had a great old biscuit tin full of threads for me! Biscuit tin, website. Threads...mine, mine, mine.

P.S. Prayers lifted for all the tornado afflicted families!! Are you all ok? We just have snow drifts taller than my SUV but, thankfully, no tornados. Have you heard of any relief efforts that we might be able to help out with?


  1. I can't believe those were once just normal cans. They are so pretty now!

  2. Oh My.. Poor puppy(:) I hope he gets ''shall I say better"" hehe
    so far I think the peppermint spray has worked for my cats.. blessings back at'cha Polly (:) patty

  3. Thats a great idea for those cans Polly...how very clever!

  4. Now who would have thought to turn those old cans in such beauty? Only someone with your beautiful heart! I love the biscuit tin.


  5. OH I think the cans are just DANDY! and I love your blog~I have really enjoyed hoppin' around the links that got me here~what blessed experience! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  6. O.K. can I get instruction on how to do the pringles cans? I have no artisitic ability and my daughter would love to do this. Also i used to collect tea cups, and that one is sooooo pretty!

  7. Oh now where is that wallpaper stash I had? I'm so impressed with those cans! I haven't heard anything on the relief efforts other than FIMA heading out...


  8. Wow, I want to wallpaper my cans now.

    So pretty. This is an awesome blog I've found - thank you!


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