First, I have to say a huge thank you (pretend I'm saying it over and over enthusiastically!) to all of you for your support and your kind words about the website! This **MUAH** is for you!!

Today I'm frantically shipping and adding new things to the website but I have to tell you about my bizarre website faux pas. The night before last I double and triple checked the site to make sure that everything was in working order for yesterday's gate swinging ('cause we all know how able-minded I am when it comes to this stuff - HA!). Well, all of sudden (around 9:30 p.m.) about half of my thumbnail photo were scrambled - wrong picture with the wrong description. I got them all fixed, checked it in the morning and all was good. But by yesterday afternoon, the pictures were scrambling again.

It was like there was some kind of old fashioned party-line going on and everybody was talking at the same time. The operator (me) was going nuts trying to figure it all out. So here's my piece of advice to any PappaShop users, make sure that your website photos have different names from any other picture on your computer! Apparently, the domain or the software, whatever, didn't know that I meant these red cardinals... not the ones that were on my back porch last summer!
(p.s. because I have so much time on my hands... =} I found some cute real-life stories about those old party-lines. Aren't you glad our line to God is private!!)


  1. Hi Polly...I linkeylu-ed your new store in my post for today!
    Hugs to you!

  2. Your new website looks great Polly! Wishing you much success! This is something that I have been thinking about too but haven't taken the steps yet.

  3. I AM!!!! I am glad we have a straight line to our Lord and that his number is never busy..AMEN!!!
    Smiles to you ..Mary

  4. Your website is great--I enjoy stopping!

  5. Please stop by I have something for you!

    Love, Jo

  6. Jesus on the main line... YEAH!!!! as usual you blog is tooooooooooooo cute... I think I will nickname you toooooooooooo cute...


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