Tis not a "real" post. Just a newscast. (1) Few new treats on the sidebar. Take a lookie, Miss Cookie. (2) Few new fab stores in our shopping link (right sidebar). They're fun! (3) Quite by accident I found a Flickr group that has luscious photos (the hidden charm of flea markets). I whiled away an hour or so just peeking in and around. (4) I have just recently remembered that I'm a member of an ebay group (Flea Market Finds... Makeovers). Since there's 200 some-odd members, it looks like the shopping is pretty good! Check it out with me. (5) Alison at Brocante Home posted a link to this video the other day and I really, really fell in love with it...

Definition: chat·e·laine (shtl-n)
a. The mistress of a castle.
b. The mistress of a large, fashionable household.


  1. Just stopping in for a cup of tea and a chat. Have a Blessed week...Mary

  2. That was darling - Chatelaine.

    Put a joyful spin on my evening. Going to go check out the Paperdolls on the left, since Shirley's one of my very favorites!

    I've really got to spend some serious time here.

  3. Love your new banner and all the new extras.

    Pretty video and what a beautiful Valentine tea party.

    Have a happy day...Linda

  4. K.D. Lang in makeup????? OH gosh!
    I saw a funny British play once about a Chatelaine. That is when I learned that word.
    So I got my package and Thank you so much!!! I love the you-know-what!!! You didn't have to :)

  5. Hi Polly,

    I'm behind on my visiting but oh what fun goodies - I have so many things to check out now! Hope you have a wonderful week.


  6. Thanks for the info that Becoming Jane is out on DVD! Yahoo! I didn't get to see it in the theatre so I'll be renting it soon. By the way, I like your new pic, so pretty! have a great day!

  7. Hey Sis! That is totally fabulous! I've never seen that video, so thank you for sharing! I also loved your last post - Beautiful photos and Apple Tea in a divine red glass.... what is more appealing than that!
    I am sooooo tired tonight - about once a year I get so tired my eyes start closing by themselves, haha!! Husband wants to watch Big Brother - American Idol and all the good shows back on TV so I hope I don't fall asleep and start snoring.
    I have not scrapbooked anything in 6 hours. And my light is off in the Studio. Someone call Guiness Book of World Records. It is a rarity, that's for sure!!
    I am stopping at your website and then calling it a night!
    Have a good one dollface -
    hugs, Sher


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