Goose Pimples

It's 14 degrees and our furnace has gone out! Hubby has dragged in some firewood, called the Home Warranty Company and made 500 trips up and down the basement stairs.

I have turned on my pink stove...

and settled into a tale about the elusive Mr. Darcy. Hope to have Valentine treats for you in the shivery morning hours.


  1. Polly,
    I'm sorry about the furnace going out and you being so cold! I absolutely love your pink stove though - it's a beauty.

    Who wouldn't want to spend the day with Mr. Darcy on a cold day though? Well another Austen character, Col. Brandon... Just when I thought he was out of my mind.

    Hope you're warmer by now and not a Popsicle. I keep meaning to add you to my blogger list, so I'm finally doing it now before I forget again - zip, I'm off!


  2. Oh gosh...if you guys lived a bit could visit and we'd all be enjoying a bit of Austen today!
    Hope your furnace woes worked out! And I will definatly visit Magnoia Pearls blog! Thank you for sharing it.

  3. LOVE the stove! Aren't they the best? I have an old 1939 O'Keefe and Merri white stove. Don't you just love cooking on it? Thanks for sharing and stay warm!


  4. Your stove is adorable. I hope you have heat now!


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