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I've had a few requests for some pictures of my house. Since we've already covered the pink kitchen, the sewing room, the back porch and the back porch at the beginning of the Summer, I thought I'd just bore you with outside photos this time around. Say, does anyone know how to put your previous posts into categories?

We have two sleeping porches, one upstairs and one downstairs. It's called a sleeping porch because when the house was built, it was the coolest room on those hot summer nights. They'd throw open all the windows and get a breeze. There's 11 windows in the lower room and 12 in the upper so window treatments are a real issue. My husband uses the upper sleeping porch as his office. He has the best corner office ever!

This is my parents' first house.

This is my house. Wierd, isn't it?!


  1. I love the porches. And using one as an office is a great idea. Nice view, nice breeze. Wish I could see your parents a little better.


  2. Your house is charming!! How funny it looks like your parents' house, too! Great porch, lovely fabrics!! I have some reading to catch up on, but saw the pic of that old children's paint set...great graphics!!! Take care, Polly!! Becky

  3. I love your house! And wow, that is soo cool that your parents first house and your house are so similar.

  4. Your house is pretty and I just love all of your decorating and it does look like your parents first house. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Georgeous home! Older homes have such character. Would love to have a sleeping porch for an office or craft area.
    Love, Esther

  6. Your house is wonderful! and what great history you have!

  7. Now I could get out right jealous of those porches...
    I'm counting your blessings too! Okay I'll count mine while I'm at it.

  8. Can I move in? I love your house! The porches are awesome! They are so charming. Love that your house and parents are almost the same.


  9. Oops deleted my post!

    I was saying that the similarities between the houses were pretty eerie!

    I was also remarking on how fashionable your parents were! :)


  10. Your house is so lovely! Can't get over the resemblance!


  11. aww! your parents 1st house and yours are so pretty!! funny how our heart leads us to make similar choices..

  12. Your house is beautiful! Love the idea of sleeping porches for the summer such bliss not to be hot and stuffy.

  13. Your blog is lovely. I linked here from nunnie's attic. If you want to put your posts into categories you can label them as you write them in blogger. There is a spot at the bottom of the posting box. Type in the name you want. To add labels to older posts go into "Edit Posts" and click on "Label Actions" and add a new label. From there you can also add the new labels to the old posts. The labels will automatically appear on your sidebar and under your posts. I hope this was helpful and not too confusing! Feel free to email me if you need to.


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