Happy About Me

Last night in the wee hours, my 4 year old son woke. Unfortunately for him, he has my bladder so we're used to getting up to go potty. He always cries until he gets back into bed and I always try to keep him quiet so he doesn't wake everyone else. Same thing every night. He cries and I say, "Shhh..." But last night as I was "sushing" him, he cried even harder. Thinking that maybe he had a bad dream I said, "Baby, what's the matter? Why are you crying?" Through his sobs he said, "I want you to be happy about me." I wonder how many nights he thought I was angry with him. I didn't let the guilt kill me though. I hugged him full of love right away and told him, "I'm very happy about you!" "You're my whole life, you know." "Everything!" Off to bed he went.

Off to my thoughts I went. I was thinking how many times I've said something similar to God. How many times have I prayed selfishly wanting Him to be "happy about me". What a difference it would make if instead I cared about how many times He waited for me to be happy about Him.


  1. oh...what a thoughtfull post! The good Lord gives us babies to help us see how we are to Him sometimes I think.... Awesome reminder!Thank you.

  2. Wow. This one took my breath away. All I can say. Love to you - Esther

  3. Wow, Polly! How poignant. Great post. You are truly blessed because you can see the beauty of God's love in the eyes of your children.


  4. You are such a doll! I enjoy your posts so much, and how true that thought about God is!

  5. ahh your poor baby, I can sympathise with the toilet I get up 6 times a night, its so annoying sometimes even I cry. great post

  6. Oh Polly, what a beautiful post. I needed that this morning.

    Blessings to you,

  7. Lovely post Polly, thanks so much for sharing with us:-)

  8. That was such a lovely post-the sort that makes you stop for a moment and realise how lucky we are. I really like the way your blog is such a mixture of things Polly! It's both reflective and decorative! xx
    P.S. forgot to say-a parcel is on it's way to you...

  9. Thoughtful post, and so true. Thank you!

  10. Polly, "Happy About Me" touched my heart. I always look soooooo forward to reading your pages each week. You take care! You are special!!! Your friend, Ruby aka APINKROSE2007


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