Rasberry Porch

I've decided that if Summer is going to stick around for a bit, I want to try out a new look on the back porch! So I ripped it all apart this morning and switched it around. No, I didn't really have the time but it was so much more fun than doing the dishes!

So I'm officially one of those people who changes the decor with the seasons.

I got this 1920's quilt/comforter on our big buying trip in July. I've been wavering between sell it - keep it - sell it - keep it. I guess it's a keeper. I love, love, love the reds and pinks!

I got all this yummy fabric in the mail yesterday. It's their fault! One look at the rasberry colors and I just HAD to go out to the porch! Of course, I haven't figured out how I'm going to use these delicious things. Maybe I'll just leave them out on the table to look at.

I had planned on planned on using the curtains on the downstairs sleeping porch but there's 11 windows in that room and (1) I don't have enough of the old red rose fabric (2) I love the all the light (especially in the Winter months). I have sheers in there right now. I have been thinking of going with all shades of white. This is my hoosier and chippy old table that are already in that room. Hmm... I just keep adding to the list of rooms to redecorate!!


  1. Oooh I looooove that rose print!!! What a fun time you must have had! What time do you get up?? Geez you get a lot done before I ever roll out of bed!

  2. I just love the way this looks and that quilt is SO adorable and perfect! I don't think I could sell it either. Now I am inspired to redesign something, hummm....


  3. I love porches. They are so inviting and suggestive. As if a glass of sweet tea is always waiting. I would love to redo my porch. But I can't seem to find the right furniture. Yours looks absolutely adorable!

  4. I wish you had commented at my blog before (or perhaps that was your first visit) because your blog is so pretty and full of funny tidbits and inspiring decorating ideas! I am happy to have found you...all as a result of your visitng me!!


  5. I love the combination of your fabric! and the just the words sleeping porch sound wonderful right now...it looks great!

  6. I love the fabrics! Everything looks so yummy how do you let any of it go??

    I must say I really enjoy coming here everyday to read and get inspired, thanks for introducing me to Frills, Frocks & Fancies, love her! :)


    ps Do you have any more of your handbags on sale??

  7. LOL girl! Didnt you just give away a bunch of fabric because you had too much!? I must admit the new stuff is gorgeous, I would probably give in and buy it too even if I was overstocked. It is so pretty! Your porch looks cozy and pretty too. Have fun with your new fabric.

  8. Loooooooooooove the colors in your post today.... the red, pink, white......
    I find I'm liking red more and more, when it's properly mixed in with roses and pink and cream or white like yours, of course!
    Thanks for the enjoyable pics!!

  9. Love the colours, the rasberry is just beautiful isnt it. Oh i want a sleeping porch too....sounds so lovely and cosy :)
    Those fabrics are just gorgeous Polly.

    xo Shann

  10. Michelle - you're way too kind! Email me about the handbags. I'd be happy to do one up for you. (countingyourblessings@gmail.com) -Polly

  11. Kathleen - Yep! I've got issues. My name is Polly and I'm an addict. =) Blessings... Polly

  12. Your porch is soo lovely!! those bright flowers make it so inviting!!

  13. Love the fabric! And the quilt. i love changing things around and mixing it up. You have a wonderful eye for it Polly!

  14. Your porch is divine, love the roses.

  15. Polly-why can't I have a porch like yours!! It's so beautiful, decorated just the way I would love a porch to be decorated! Loved your latest post about your son too!
    P.S. my sister just had the baby, I will post more a.s.a.p!!

  16. I want a sleeping porch! Of course I do live in Texas so it may be a little warm! ha ha I love all the colors in your quilt! I think it is definitely a keeper!...but, of course, if you ever decide to sell it..... :-)

  17. Your fabrics are so pretty. Looks like a nice porch to drink some sweet tea and read a good book.

  18. How did I miss this wonderful post?
    I love all of the vintage yummy rosieness of it all!

  19. I just love your porch! And your blog for that matter.
    I've been decorating my porch with quilts this summer and hope to continue through Fall! It's still pretty warm here in NW New Mexico so I think I'll have plenty of time on the porch, still.

  20. Polly these are absolutely beautiful photographs and I love, love, love your porch. That quilt is scrumptious!



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