Should've Known

If you cracked up over her grocery shopping fiasco/Pokemon ebay auction, you have to read her blog Because I Said So!! I can tell you without any hesitation, that all my trips to WalMart and the grocery store are just as disasterous as hers was.

The day before yesterday, I actually bribed my littles ones with that horrible stuff, Moon Sand. If you haven't seen it, it's a bucket of colored sand basically. It feels like wet sand and can be used to build things, just like wet sand. It was a wonderful idea because the bucket was only $3.96 and they didn't bug me for one other thing the entire time we were at the store. However, yesterday, I spent hours picking Moon Sand out of my dinning room chairs, the ink pens that they apparently used to give their sand castle more texture, the silk florals, the kids fingernails, their hair... Oh, four children is plenty enough for me!


  1. Don't you just love sand?? It's bad enough at the beach which is the only time I can stand it because I love the ocean so much. And your pictures are cracking me up!

    You're welcome for the link. I heard her phone interview in her hometown. The guy interviewing her wasn't that great but she gave good answers.


  2. Oh I'm so glad to get the advance warning on the sand...mine wants it too! Thanks for the good giggles, I really needed them this afternoon :)


  3. Thanks for your comment on my first blog! Hopefully I'll find some time to post again soon, so check back! I loved reading your entries, good stuff! Great to meet you, I'm adding you to my faves! :-)

  4. Oh dear, sand. Whoever dreams up these things to plague mothers? And the kids just HAVE TO HAVE THEM, right.
    I loved your shopping expedition story. Just hysterical. I think they should just close all the markets & we do our grocery shopping online. I don't have littlies any more, but I still HATE shopping. Pop on over & visit sometime.
    Coll :-}

  5. LOL - Glad it was you and not me...

    Now I raised 4 boys and can remember being in the Emergency Room two times in the same day - with two different children for two different accidents...Yep.

  6. oh yeah...definatly NOt a mom who came up with that! God bless ya! You'll probably still be finding sand come Christmas...LOl! yup, you just gotta laugh through it all!! Thanks for the heads up, there will be a definate NO! LOL

  7. You always write such fun stuff Polly!! Thanks for the giggles!


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